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Beautiful Beginning



I know there must be a way to get rid of that ring below the rising sun. The reflection on the camera looks like a grapefruit half. Anyway, you get the idea: it was a beautiful morning and we were up at the “crack of dawn.”

Off we drove to the tracts of land our farmer friends so generously gave us permission to hunt on. What a beautiful walk we had there. We probably put six miles under our legs for the morning. My camera was very busy.


I found a very interesting rock but I should have put something beside it for size comparison. It was about two feet in diameter and the colours were unusual.


In many of the areas where the seepage water has receded, the alkali deposits were left behind. Some of the growths were quite crystalline.



Usually at this time of year, eastern Montana is quite dry, but this year has been much wetter. Still, I was quite surprised to find a mushroom, and a big one at that!


In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how this beautiful day took a turn for the worse.

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15 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginning

  1. A sunrise like that is a wonderful start to a day… or an adventure!


  2. Wow I love these photos… as much as I love sunrises, the second photo has to be my favourite… just something about it that would look good on a wall in a frame…


  3. Wonderful shots Anneli. Esp love the alkali deposits…


  4. I see a pot of mushroom soup in the making. Are Emma and Ruby having the time of their lives??


  5. Beautiful sunrise! Great pictures and a pretty mushroom. We don´t know this one, I can´t see a stem on it, so it’s puffball-like. It might be edible but we wouldn´t touch it since we are not sure.


    • Not a puffball, but I can see how it looks a bit like one. I wouldn’t eat any mushroom unless I was sure what it was. But I thought it was very unusual to find one here because it is usually so dry and I didn’t think a mushroom ever grew in this part of the country.


  6. Beautiful photos, but OH NO! Staying tuned . . . .


  7. Grapefruit at sunrise… not a bad way to start a day 🙂 It looks absolutely beautiful.


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