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Things Take a Turn


I love the quietness of the prairies, and yet, when I thought  back on the morning, it wasn’t all that quiet. On my approach, the sharptail grouse jumped up out of the grass and flew low over the land cackling with that laughing call they make. I scared up two sleek and well-furred rabbits – not at all feeble like ours at home on the coast. Could they ever run!  I could almost hear their thumping feet as they bounded away.
Twice, I almost walked on hen pheasants that held tightly to their hiding places in the grass, hoping I wouldn’t come their way. But when I was about six feet from them, the hens shot up into the air and flew away, leaving me with my heart pounding in my throat.
Hawks flew overhead shrieking and then diving down on coveys of sharptail grouse.
No … I guess it wasn’t quiet after all.
Almost done for the morning, my husband thought it would be good to check out a small copse of trees and bushes
and give Emma, our English cocker spaniel puppy, a chance to find out what a pheasant smells like. To get there, I assumed we would walk. After about six miles of walking, what’s another half mile?
But no. The man in charge thought he would show what his four-wheel-drive truck could do. Down into the dip he drove.
 And there we stayed!
“But I went through here twice yesterday,” he said.
It doesn’t look so bad, except the wheels just kept on spinning into the muck. We were going nowhere but lower into the ground.DSCN2474
  Notice how close to the muck the bottom of the door is.
Mr Four Wheeler walked for help.
The farmer who kindly allowed us access to his land, was busy working on it elsewhere, so his very capable wife and daughter came out in their truck.
If you noticed in the second photo, there is a farm gate (an extra post with the barbed wire wrapped around it). This is where the smart farmer’s wife drove through, to go around the muck and tow us out on the other side of the mudhole. Mother and daughter got right into rescue mode and pulled the Man-no-longer-in-charge out of his predicament.
To his credit, the grateful man gave the farmer’s wife a very heartfelt thank-you-hug.
Then he and Emma went for one last walk. Notice Emma’s legs? None of them are touching the ground. She was one happy dog.
And I was happy to get out my Kindle and wait in the not-stuck-anymore truck.
By the way, happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians. I almost forgot it was Thanksgiving weekend because of being in Montana where they have Thanksgiving in late November.
We really do have a lot to be thankful for, whether we live in Canada or the United States.

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31 thoughts on “Things Take a Turn

  1. Emma seems to fly (her large ears are helping I think). But I can see that her left hind leg is on the ground a bit for a sec.
    What would we do without having some strong- and helpful women around if we are in distress? Glad they could help you out of the misery this nice new truck had to go through (and you too). Love your story, right out of real life – since shit happens all the time.


  2. Whew! That was a very close call. I sure wouldn’t want to have to walk all that way back after a full day of flushing out birds. How fortunate that the woman and her daughter were home and able to help you out. Beautiful photos, Anneli. Enjoy the rest of your adventure and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Gary, Ruby and Emma.


  3. Good day for birds, not quite so good for mud. That’s easier to do than one might think, and very nice to have some friendly farming folks around when you need them!


  4. Aw, the new truck got dirty! I love that picture of Emma and the man. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


  5. Oh man, what an ordeal! Were you scared you might get trapped inside the truck? Thank goodness for The Smart Wife. That was pretty funny about Mr. Man in charge haha ;). Poor truck . . .


  6. hmmmm … Gary why are you letting the side down… you need to get yourself a couple of hylift jacks, a winch, and roll out wheel track beds… no need for women then… although I have to say it is nice to have them around when it comes to food time…. love the photos Anneli and don’t give Gary too hard a time…


    • I made it a point to keep my mouth tightly shut the whole time. Well, I do remember saying one word as he headed for the muddy dip – “WHY?”
      I didn’t need to say any more. He knew he’d messed up and he’s not in a hurry to do it again.


  7. Oh boy. Good thing you were able to get help. My best friend and I have a saying about men. “Why do something once, when you can do it more than once?” We think that’s their motto. Heh. Glad you got out of there safe and sound. Is Ruby with you, too?


    • Ruby is the main dog. Without her we couldn’t hope to retrieve the pheasants shot. She’s amazing and we don’t lose (waste) any birds. Emma is all enthusiasm, and flushes the odd bird, but the main workhorse is still Ruby. They both got lots of exercise today and are all tuckered out now.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I hate when this kind of stuff happens….but then it makes for giggles on down the path of life. And the Emma shot is priceless!


  9. Love that photo with the dog. He certainly does look happy! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anneli. 🙂


  10. What an adventure, lololol…glad Emma got to have fun! Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. Yucky muck! It sounds like a missed attempt for a peaceful day!


  12. So good to hear about your adventures and see the lovely photo shoots. Thanks for keeping us informed.


  13. Your writing has a Tinker Creek quality (Annie Dillard).


  14. That grass is deceiving!


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