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Acceptance, At Last


This morning I hurried to get outside to snap a picture of the gorgeous skies before the light changed. It was a beautiful beginning to the day. On each side of the horizon, the sky was colourful.



The best part of the morning, though, was the fact that a day before Emma reached 6 months, she has finally been accepted by Ruby, our older dog. This is the first time Ruby has allowed that pesky puppy to lie down beside her and even snuggle up to her. After months of jealousy and heartbreak, Ruby has decided that they will be friends. I’m so happy! Acceptance, at last.

DSCN2554aIn the next blog post I’ll explain about Ruby’s leg.

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28 thoughts on “Acceptance, At Last

    • Really!!! It is SO sweet. I felt bad that there is dirt around the edge of the trailer floor, but with two dogs camping with us, I’d have to sweep every ten minutes. But I was so pleased to see that Ruby has accepted her at last. I couldn’t grab for the camera fast enough. This is the first time they’ve snuggled!


  1. Beautiful photos and good new about your friends! You’re on a roll!


  2. What a sky to wake to….. this must have made for a good day….


  3. I looked out the window and couldn’t get dressed fast enough to go snap those pictures. We don’t get skies like that at home – well, rarely.


  4. The first picture is my favorite; I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful.


  5. Beautiful skies! Beautiful new friendship!! Having two dogs….I understand how HUGE this is!!! yay!


  6. All pictures are so so beautiful but the last one is the best, really! Ruby is my first lady and she just adopted little Emma, what a joy! I hope they will be best friends from now on.


  7. Besties forever..adorable. Ruby has the maternal instinct going on..I see it in her smile:)


  8. Wow! Beautiful sunrise! Some of the best things about life are sunrises and sunsets.


  9. Hmm, do you think Ruby’s injury has something to do with it? It would be interesting to know. Animals certainly seem to commiserate with one another.


  10. Oh what a sweet pair they are. And you’re right – your Ruby has very similar markings to ours! One day we’d like to introduce a second dog (preferably a spaniel) to our home…it is good to know that even if it doesn’t work out at first it might do in the end 🙂 looking forward to reading more about you and your dogs now that I have discovered your lovely blog x

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  11. This post was when we were on our annual Montana bird-hunting trip. Emma is an English field bred cocker spaniel, and Ruby is an English springer spaniel. Both are great pheasant dogs. (I can say that now, as it is almost five years since I posted this blog post.)


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