Tree Survival

In the harsh winter conditions of eastern Montana, it must be hard for any living thing to survive out in nature. The trees in this region are so beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves change colour, and so I paid particular attention to them on my walks through the fields with my camera.

One type of tree that is prevalent here is a huge poplar type whose name I’m not sure of. It might be a cottonwood type. Perhaps there are readers out there who can tell me what the proper name of these trees is.

I stood under this tree and listened to the wind rustling its leaves. It was such a beautiful sound that I did a very short video of it just to record the wind in its leaves. Unfortunately I can’t load the video here, but I can show you the tree and you can imagine the sound.


Nearby, another of its type  showed signs of a history of major trauma. Was it wind, or snow, or bitter cold, or a combination of these conditions that broke the tree so badly? But look at its survival instinct! A new shoot is growing from the old broken trunk.

DSCN2517Yet another damaged tree is clinging to life in a few small branches. The broken branches on the ground tell of the terrible winds and possibly blizzards that worked the tree over.


The same is true of the tree below. It clings to life desperately but appears to be losing the battle.


There must be strength in numbers. Here they are like a little city of trees in a park along the Missouri River.



There is something noble and grand about a tree. These survivors beautifying the river’s edge are a treat to see.

21 thoughts on “Tree Survival

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Could be. I know aspens are known for their whispering sound in the wind, but I think I read somewhere that their trunks are long and straight before the first branches with leaves begin.


  1. bulldog

    It always amazes me how nature manages to have trees rejuvenate themselves. . I have photos of trees that are lying totally on their sides with a small amount of root still in the ground…. and the new branches are once again reaching for the sun… it never ceases to amaze how nature will continue to the bitter end…


  2. Ursula Kurz

    It almost makes me cry when I see those rotten trees, trying hard to get back to life. They just killed my little shoot of the willow tree in front of my kitchen window which the flood took away last year. No, I think no more chance for a new shoot, makes me really sad – I love trees. When did you hug a tree last time? I did 3 days ago and it felt wonderful.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      We have a bumper sticker on the coast where the logging industry has taking a big hit. It says: “Hug a logger. You’ll never go back to trees.” But really I agree with you. I love trees, and I’m sorry you lost your willow tree


  3. Pit

    Wonderful pictures. I need to walk around here [just now I’m in the Rhineland in Germany] and take some pictures of autumn trees, too.
    Have a great weekend,



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