The Old and the New

Near Wolf Point, Montana.

In February 1926, two young men, James and Rolla Cusker, perished while driving home after a basketball game. With no ferry service during the winter, travelers crossed the Missouri River on the ice. The boys had crossed on the ice earlier, and followed the ruts they had made on the frozen river on their way home that evening. But the river had warmed and they drove into an air hole in the ice. Their bodies were not found for several days. [Paraphrased from]

This led to a demand for a bridge over the Missouri and four years later the longest Pennsylvania through truss bridge was built, at Wolf Point, Montana.



The 1930 bridge was 1074 feet long with a span of 400 feet, the longest in the state of Montana.


Below the bridge and beyond it, you can see the new bridge that was built in 1997. It’s more modern but not as impressive.

Here they are side by side.



The historical society of the Wolf Point area is taking the responsibility for maintaining the old bridge, not for vehicular use, but  for historical purposes.

17 thoughts on “The Old and the New

      1. townspirit

        Of course, it’s not easy to forget that story! I was thinking of how much longer you would have been terrified on a Peace River Crossing… how much more opportunity to hit a melted spot. And yet it was long enough for those boys. Thank goodness for bridges.


  1. bentehaarstad

    Old bridges are usually so beautiful, and the modern not so. Here they tear the old ones down, and they put up something really badlooking, or at least uninteresting. I am happy for your old one.



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