Trees, Trees, and More Trees

I suppose one of the reasons I’m so drawn to the trees in eastern Montana is because most of the land is treeless prairie or grain farms, so trees become pretty special.

The morning sun made the golden leaves on this black cottonwood (If that’s what these trees are) even more impressive.


The trees below are like tall characters with many arms, having animated discussions, gesticulating wildly, talking with their hands.


The tree in the photo below is growing in the side of the riverbank. Probably it was far from the river’s edge at one time, but as the river has flooded and eroded the banks, the tree found itself closer and closer to the water’s edge.

DSCN2613Many a gallon of water has swished past the tree’s roots, taking more and more soil away. Seems like some part of the tree has already succumbed to nature, as you can see from the broken piece lying beside it, and more parts of the trunk, if not the whole tree, are in imminent danger of being washed away if the river comes up high next spring.


Another tree had chicken wire wrapped around the lower part of the trunk. I wonder which chewing, gnawing beastie was meant to be deprived of a meal of bark. A porcupine? A rabbit?

 This tree was not so lucky. If only it could talk and tell us its story.
But those who remain healthy certainly provide a beautiful canopy of protection for us as well as for the vegetation that lives beneath its shelter.


28 thoughts on “Trees, Trees, and More Trees

  1. Dawn

    Remember Susan Hayward in “I Want to Live”?

    That’s the Montana tree group!! Beautiful photo’s Anneli.. It is a gorgeous State…Winter is just around the corner though.



  2. Lori D

    I always thought that Montana was filled with mountain ranges with snowy peaks and lots of forestation. Shows how much I know about the west. Lovely photos. I so miss the fall.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I can understand that because Montana is so diverse in its landscapes. Western Montana is more like what you imagined. We’re in eastern Montana – just for a little longer. Heading for home today. It’ll take us a week.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ursula Kurz

    You know that I am tree-lover. If I only could get my willow tree back. But there is still a small piece of wood left and who knows, maybe it makes it back to life one day. Your pics are outstanding and it looks like fall is here. Have a good trip back home – sweet home …

    Liked by 1 person

  4. orples

    And here, I thought I was the only one that took photos of tree roots, and such. You’re right, trees are simply cool. What would this world be without them?



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