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Roughing it in Montana


When we’re away camping in our trailer, I want to retain at least a few of the comforts of home. Staying warm is one of my big priorities. Our friends kindly let us park our rig at their house and one evening we had a camping style supper together.

In October, days in Montana can still be very warm, making me forget that summer is over. But as soon as the sun goes down, there’s a definite chill in the air.

We put our dogs in their kennels and pulled them closer to the fire. Notice the very smart, impromptu bonfire set up by our Montana hosts. The propane tank is definitely American. It’s BIG!


We were all thankful for the warmth this little bonfire threw, especially one of the residents’ dogs. The picture is blurry, probably because the dog was shivering, but she was warming an important  part of her body.


We were going out to hunt pheasants the next day, but we were somewhat handicapped. Ruby had a cut, still healing, on her shoulder, and she had something in her toes that was causing her a lot of pain, so we would be limited to using her only in emergency situations, like finding a lost bird. The bulk of the work would be done by our new addition, six-month-old Emma.

Emma had learned what a pheasant was only a few days earlier. We showed her a picture to remind her of what we were after.


She bounced around the fields with great enthusiasm and actually put up a lot of birds. She very quickly figured out what to do. Amazing what genetic markers will do.

Back home in the trailer, she was tired and happy, if not too sophisticated with one ear flopped over her head, seeds in her eyes, and a feather stuck to her mouth. But she showed a huge amount of promise.

??????????She was a dynamo this year. She’ll be dynamite next year.