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Drive-by Shootings


The holiday is nearly over and it’s time to drag our little home on wheels back to the rainy west coast. Most of the photos on the way home were taken from inside the truck, so they will be a bit blurry but I couldn’t resist trying for some of the beautiful scenery that passed us by. So prepare for a few drive-by shootings.DSCN2697This photo (below) was nothing special but I love the way the blurriness caused by the moving truck made the picture look more like a painting.


I don’t know how many times I’ve thought, “One day I want to drive through here without dragging a trailer, so I can stop anywhere and get out to take a good photo.” But then, the logistics would all change and in the end, it just wouldn’t work.

These rocky hills have the most fascinating formations. If I had very high and durable leather rattlesnake-proof boots, I’d love to clamber around on the hills and explore them up close. I’d take a bottle of Benedryl (in case of snakebite) and a cell phone just in case (not that there would likely be cell phone coverage). ??????????

And next time I’ll bring my fly rod. The rivers in Montana are so beautiful. I don’t know how many times we passed over the Clark Fork where it goes under the highway, but it gets more picturesque each time. There is a lot of drift boat fishing on the Clark Fork and the Missouri. I bet that would be loads of fun.??????????

Here is one of many spots that looks inviting for a bit of fishing if you’re camping your way through the state.

??????????It’s hard to drive by without stopping every ten minutes for another photo, and even harder to find a place to stop with a trailer in tow, if you really wanted to get that photo.  But at least I got a few shots as we whizzed past all the beautiful scenery in Montana. This is only the eastern and middle part. There is so much more I haven’t even seen yet. Adventure awaits.


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23 thoughts on “Drive-by Shootings

  1. Anneli, do you keep your window down? Beautiful…


  2. The only kind of drive-by shootings I like!


  3. You got some beautiful shots.


  4. Great shots and I’m SO envious of the sunshine.


  5. Love the pics! Drive-bys are my fav!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You sure chose the right time to visit. We’ve had some pretty heavy rains the past few days and snow on some of the passes.


  7. Nice photos and I liked the first the best! 😉


  8. Great shots. I’ve been thinking of where to go to get away from the rain – any suggestions?


  9. I panicked when I saw your title and dashed over here… but why worry, Anneli is talking about the good drive by shootings… I get my best scenic photos through a window or wind screen, dirty or not dirty… sometimes those bugs add to my bad landscape photos and I spend hours trying to work out what I shot… I love your drive by shots… but what do I love more… you’re a fly fisherman… I enjoy the trout fishing or yellow fish with a fly rod… don’t eat fish but the casting keeps me happy for hours (That challenge to get the fly to land where you want it) and every now and then I even catch something… which is a bit of a nuisance because then I have to take it off the hook to be able to get back to the casting….
    All of these photos would make brilliant paintings… the last photo is just so peaceful and beautiful…


    • I do love fly fishing, but Gary is the one who is the expert. He’s pretty good at placing the flies (which he ties himself) in the exact spot. He likes to fly fish for salmon in the estuaries. I’m happy enough to dabble for trout in a lake. Very peaceful activity and good for the soul. I appreciate that you were ready to dash over to save me from the drive-by shootings. 😉


  10. Beautiful pictures and the first one I really love.


  11. Great shots from being taken from a moving vehicle. When you are parked at a site, do you ever disconnect the trailer and go on jaunts that way? I love pulling over on pull-off areas with awesome views.


    • Yes, when we know we’re going to stay for a while we unhook, but that doesn’t often happen during the drive to and from Montana. We are on the road six days each way and there is so much to see. We like to make the trip to and from a part of the holiday and enjoy it as much as the stay at our destination. The odd time we can pull over at view points with the trailer still hooked on (with enough lead time).

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  12. “Inviting” is just the right word.

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