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My friends and I were out mushroom picking, looking for chanterelles in a new area. We found a few and were happily tromping through the woods when we came across other things of interest.  012

I found the remains of what I assume was a small deer. Who knows what it died of? Could have been a cougar, wolf, or bear, but the bones were lying there almost tidily. Maybe it just ate a bad mushroom, got a tummy ache and died on the spot.011

One of our party, found the remains of a much larger deer, and again, we have a mystery.


How did the antlers get stuck in this stump? Was this buck trying to rub the velvet off his antlers when he got stuck in the stump? Seems to me it would take more force to bury his tines so deeply that he couldn’t get out. Maybe this buck was fighting with another over the girl of his dreams and the dream turned into a nightmare when he got stuck in the tree stump forever. What an awful death he must have had. Good old Mother Nature! (I told you in another post I don’t think much of “Mother Nature.” If ever there was a misnomer!)

Stumped - antlersMy first reaction was to ask my friend if she pulled out the antlers and brought them along for a souvenir. She said, “No, I felt that it wouldn’t be right to disturb the scene. That deer died there….” And of course, then I could see it her way and I felt ashamed to have had such a low and selfish thought. The antlers are still there, as far as I know.

OR – Maybe someone stuck the antlers there....

THEN, the weirdest thing happened. The three of us (we called ourselves “The Three Mushketeers,” just like the ones in my novel “The Wind Weeps,”) each saw a lake way down at the bottom of a drop-off. Nothing weird about that, except there was no lake in this area, that I knew of, and I wasn’t aware of such a cliff in the immediate area. I approached carefully, not wanting to slip over the edge. The other two “mushketeers” also discussed what lake that could possibly be below the cliff.

See the drop-off just beyond the stump in the foreground?013

Turns out it was a pond so still that not the slightest ripple gave it away. We all thought we were looking at faraway sky through the trees and a lake at the bottom. A real optical illusion.

Soon it was time to head for home. If my eyes had telescopic powers, I could have seen my house on the tiny point of land sticking out into the ocean below.017

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17 thoughts on “Mysteries

  1. Looks a bit like the Siberian Taiga, doesn’t it?


  2. Beautiful photos and great narrative!


  3. What a great walk! So sad about the deer dying that way, but I’m glad you left the antlers there. I have never gone mushroom picking although a lot of people did when I was a kid growing up in MIchigan. I’ve been terrified I would choose the wrong ones. Probably read too many mysteries as a kid!


  4. While we were looking for mushrooms we came across deer skulls, antlers and leg bones so many times and I always wondered how those animals died. But I wish I would have your imagination and be able to make up such a grim story, full of mysteries. Love the pictures and the story behind them a lot!


  5. Mother Nature definitely has a cruel side. That poor deer.


  6. Some adventures and mysteries there, Anneli! I kind of disagree about the cruelty though, I don’t think animals or mother nature is cruel with a purpose. But it certainly doesn’t look kind always either. Especially since most of us now are city-dwellers. Still always fascinating.


  7. There are always lots of things to wonder about.


  8. Ah, your photos and woodsy adventure had visions of novels dancing in my head. Sounds like you went pretty far into the forest. You must know how to navigate. I see the Vancouver forests in movies and TV shows (Once Upon a Time), and it looks so magical. I don’t ever picture the bones of dead animals there, but I forget when watching it on a screen that reality exists there. Thanks for sharing your tromp through the woods.


    • It’s a whole different world when you walk into the woods. It’s quiet and you leave all that town and consumer rat race behind for a while. It’s a good place to go for some quiet time in your head (as long as you don’t get lost – but that’s why I have a compass).

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