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Trees and Trains

While travelling in Montana, one of the sounds we heard that we were not used to, was the rumble of the trains going by about every half hour.


I’m guessing this one was carrying some kind of oil but we saw all sorts of things being transported by train – grain, coal, and even what looked like the shells of jet airplanes

??????????At first when trains went by at night in the distance, I wondered who had turned on the trailer furnace. The muted rumbling had a similar growl. But we soon got used to it. When you think about it, it makes more sense to move huge amounts of freight by train than by truck.

I wanted to post a few photos of Montana that I thought were pretty, and of course they will be of trees, grasses, and skies.

Crabapple trees near Fort Peck.

Montana 005

A Russian olive tree.


A lovely tree-lined driveway.


Can you hear the soft swishing of the grasses in the wind?


An undecided sky.