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On the Road


A bit of fog can add a beautiful touch to a scene, but …DSCN2727it can add a touch of tension if the fog is in the wrong place at the wrong time, refracting too much light straight into the driver’s eyes.


A snow fence is a reminder that out here, the winters can be harsh. This special fence is meant to slow down (not “catch”) the blowing snow. The wind slows as it goes through the slats, causing the snow to drop just beyond the fence, rather than piling up against it. The snow fence helps keep the snow from blowing across the highway, thus diminishing the hazardous winter driving conditions.


Nearing the summit of Lookout Pass in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains of the Bitterroot Range, it was chilly with snowflakes trying to stick to the road. At Exit 0, which is near the summit, we pass from Montana into Idaho and have to set our clocks back. Aren’t we lucky to be given an extra hour?


Idaho, here we come.


But it’s downhill on a wet, possibly icy, winding road dragging a trailer through sleet and fog. Will we end up driving over the edge? I left my claw marks in the door’s arm rest.


Later, driving through Snoqualmie Pass in Washington, it’s a few degrees warmer, but the driving conditions still brought out the driver’s white knuckles gripping the steering wheel.??????????

Surprisingly, it was sunny on the coast. Driving along I-5 through Seattle was pleasant, if you didn’t mind the bumper to bumper traffic in many lanes. We didn’t care about that. By this time, we had that “horse to the barn” feeling, and the truck and trailer went ever faster and faster.

??????????A ferry ride from the city of Vancouver to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, and we were almost home. The short drive up island seemed to take forever. At last we arrived. Even after a wonderful holiday, it was a beautiful feeling to drive down our own driveway once again.


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23 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Beautiful but deadly! Glad you made it through okay.


  2. Safely home… not sure I’d enjoy driving on those roads in those conditions… wow love those last two shots…


    • We never know how it’s going to be. The later we leave it the more chance of ice and snow, but Montana was still warm in the daytime when we left. It changed in a hurry though, within days of us pulling the pin.


  3. You were driving through some pretty treacherous stretches of road! My son is very familiar with them…scary!


  4. I know what you mean about Lookout Pass (It’s only about 75 miles from where I live) , although I think Fourth of July Canyon is worse.

    Great photos!


  5. Schöne Fotos, aber kein schönes Wetter zum Fahren, liebe Anneli.
    Hauptsache ihr seid gut Zuhause angekommen.

    Liebe Grüße,


  6. Great tour Anneli, love the photos, what a marvellous trip 🙂


  7. The first picture is absolutely outstanding, looks like out of a fairy tale. We are rather used to icy and steep roads but to have to pull a big trailer as well … I am always so very glad when you make it back safe from those holidays!


  8. It’s scary driving on the mountain roads on a good day, let alone fog, rain, snow or all three. Yikes! We drive through mountains every year on our 1,200 mile drive to Chicago, and those mountains aren’t even as high as the west. Glad you arrived home safely.


  9. “There’s no place like home.”


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