A Stop in Missoula

This year we took more time on the drive to and from eastern Montana.


On the way home, we stopped to visit friends in Missoula. What a pleasant surprise this city held for us.


Our friends gave us the tour of their old established neighbourhood near the hospital and the university. It was like a trip back in time. Mature trees lined the streets where houses of a certain age stood, proudly declaring their old-style designs.

It was already cold enough to keep us walking briskly in order to stay warm. We asked what happens to all the leaves – there were so many  with nowhere for them to go.

Apparently there is a day set aside when there is no parking allowed on these streets to permit the machine to come through and sweep up the leaves and take them away.


The old style of houses and the mature trees along the street reminded me of long ago days when I walked home from school along a street just like this.


It has been a refreshing break to visit civilized Missoula, but the sky is telling us it’s time to move on before the clouds release those snowflakes they’re holding. Snow would be pretty to look at but I’d rather not drive in it, and there was no doubt it was coming.


24 thoughts on “A Stop in Missoula

  1. Interesting..that could have been a Michigan trip there are so many homes that resemble the area I lived in for many years. Lots of upkeep but well worth it. Love the leaves..crunch..crunch!


  2. It looks almost like here. Old big trees are all over this country along the roads. The leaves – OMG! I am doing the raking business now almost every day before I am standing knee-deep in those “pretty old leaves. I love those houses, very different!


  3. What lovely pictures. Reminds me of Saskatoon where I went to university My aunt and uncle lived in a neighbourhood like that. Thanks for the reminder.


    • I love those old houses, not because they’re old, but because people have kept them in good condition and preserved the traditional style of their day. And of course the mature trees add the finishing touch. The scene always reminds me of the pictures in the old elementary school readers, of kids walking and playing in neighbourhoods like that.


    • The trees, I think. They need time to grow and not so many neighbourhoods have established trees here. Europe definitely has the advantage there. And maybe some of the old style houses might look a bit European, but you’ve hit the nail on the head, here in North America we have more space.

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