Dreams in the Mist

Yesterday was Emma’s first time to visit the beach. The fog and mist hovered over the water and close to shore, but that’s typical on BC’s West Coast.


Emma looks so funny with her ear flopped backwards over her head, but I thought how sweet and innocent she is, that she’s not at all aware of how she looks. The word “guileless” comes to mind.


And because she is not one to sit still very long, she asks, “What are we going to do now?”


Just then two girls come strolling up the beach towards us. They must be investigated.But first let’s watch and wait to make sure they won’t harm us.


We wander down to the other end of the beach where the grasses try to grow. They are continually washed over when the tide comes in. It must be a type of grass or seaweed that is used to living in salt water.

037I love the look of this kind of picture. Would love to paint it if I had the talent.


We are about to leave when a lady and her horse arrive at the far end of the beach. It’s foggy and I’m using my zoom, so the photo comes out exactly how it looks in real life – foggy and unclear – but I can’t resist posting the horse pictures anyway.


Seeing the horse and rider put the finishing touch of magic on our trip to the beach. Reminds me of a song by Heart, “These Dreams,” where she sings about a wood full of princes, and dreams in the mist.


Perhaps she’s riding into the woods to look for her prince. (She may find a frog. It would be a start….)

37 thoughts on “Dreams in the Mist

  1. Bareback even! Emma looks like she’s ready to spring off in whatever direction captures her interest. Or maybe several directions at once.


    • It’s the bareback riding that makes it so mystical, don’t you think? And yes, Emma was going in every direction at once. I had to take 60 photos to get just a couple that weren’t blurry from her (hyper)activities.


    • She really is and I’m always afraid that I post too many pictures of her. (Like people who talk about their children all the time!) Glad you like the rider. She and her horse made the day for us and I doubt if she even knew we were there.


  2. Love these photos. The mist adds to the feel of the photographs, puts the viewer right there with you. I too, wish I had the talent to paint such scenes. Thanks for sharing these.


  3. Emma is such a sweet and ‘guileless’ gal! Such a great position with her looking attentive with her ear flopped back, like she was ready for anything! The beach scenery was nicely photographed, too.


    • Thank you. Emma is a lot of fun . It was her first time at the beach and everything had to be investigated. The first wave that broke on the beach behind her had us laughing.Everything in her life is a new experience. Fun to watch.


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