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I’m Dreaming of a …


December on Vancouver Island often means high winds and vigorous waves. Lately it has been blowing and raining buckets sideways so often that we are surprised if the sun comes out, and we wonder what that bright light is. Before we can point it out to anyone, the moment of sunshine is history, so we don’t get too excited about a peek at the sun.


The road that goes along a spit of land below our house has wild waves on the exposed side and relatively calm waters on the inland side. Still, today it was choppy on the sheltered side too.


We drove to town taking the long way around, passing by the beaches and the bird sanctuary you see below. For most of the year, the sanctuary is a marsh in places, but these past weeks the water level has come right across the road, making the marsh look more like a lake.


The walking trail that follows the edge of the marsh has almost become a part of it. High boots are needed to walk there today.


Driving on, we see that the second access to the ocean is even wilder than the first. Anyone foolish enough to stand in front of these waves would disappear in them and be tossed around like the logs that tumble around in the frothing surf and end up flung onto the high tide line.


At most times of the year, it’s very pleasant to sit on a bench and watch the waves. The benches had no visitors today.


Just when I was feeling sorry for myself about the weather, I dug around in my photo folders and found one of the winter of 2007. No flooding then, no high waves, but also, no power when the heavy branches broke and fell onto the power lines somewhere down the road.

The snow is pretty, but when you sing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” you have to be careful what you wish for. I don’t want a snow-laden bough to cut off the electricity to the oven just when my Christmas turkey is half done.


So I think “Dreaming of a White Christmas” is okay as long as I don’t really wish for my dreams to come true.

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24 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a …

  1. I love seeing the photos of the water in stormy times and also the snow. I lived in Seattle for a few years and when storms came I would drive south down to Long Beach and spend time on the beach there enjoying the water. In winter it was very cheap to rent a nice house on the beach for a few days and that was a very nice retreat!


    • There are places on the coast that rent to people in the winter who want to “storm watch” because it is rather amazing to watch the waves crashing onto shore in some of those exposed beaches. I feel like I live in one of those places sometimes because we get so much of this kind of weather. Long Beach(California) and Long Beach (Vancouver Island) both have those wild winter storms at times. It’s good to be cozy while you’re watching.


  2. The photos are gloomy…but beautiful! A dark December in Oklahoma so far as well. I’m dreaming of and hoping for some sunshine for Christmas! Oh how I miss it, too!


  3. That does look a rough sea… and I wouldn’t be walking down those paths with the water so high…. love the photos …


  4. Love the shot with the benches. And bring on the WHITE.


  5. I’ve always found beaches more interesting when they’re wild and wet. Sideways rain might be overdoing it a bit. The pictures are great. I can almost feel the wind and hear the waves crashing!


  6. I love your shots and I sometimes miss those wild big waves like we had on the Charlottes too, sorry, now Haida Gwaii.


  7. I like watching wild waves during a storm.


  8. How bout … I’m dreaming of light flurries for Christmas … 😉 Wow, we sure do live on opposite ends of this continent. This is our dry season, and the waters are calm. If we get rain, I wonder what that wet stuff is falling from the sky. Certainly, no light flurries here … ever. Stay warm and dry up there.


  9. Hahaha Anneli. I hope your turkey will be fine. And Merry Christmas. Here we’ll have a white Christmas, and that is quite normal.


  10. I think I know just how you feel about that, although our weather and our landscapes are soooooo very different! The sun is out right now, and there is a gentle freeze rocking the tree branches. Light sweater weather. Merry Christmas, Anneli! xo


    • Are you serious or did you misspeak when you said there’s a gentle “freeze” rocking the tree branches? That’s what we should call it here, for sure. The breezes are quite cold. Anyway, I’m envious of all those people who can wear a light sweater rather than a warm waterproof jacket at this time of year.
      Have a wonderful Christmas, Luanne.


  11. I agree, I have been saying to many around me, I would be content to have only a week of snow this coming year. I was blessed it didn’t snow, since my Mom lives by Lake Erie, where snow effect is negative this time of year, no longer warm and more likely to snow. I don’t like to drive by myself through snow or sleet!
    I think the song is special and would not change a word of it, there are so many Christmas songs I love, Anneli.
    The reminder that snow can pile on and you or others could lose electricity is frightening. I would hate to have your cooking or baking interrupted either. I will keep that in mind when I wish for snow, next Christmas! Smiles!

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  12. For sure. The snow can all stay up in the hills where it belongs for the skiers to enjoy.


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