After all the busy preparations leading up to Christmas, the festivities are over for another year, and peace settles over the valley.


I hope your Christmas was beautiful and that you’re ready to tackle the new year. 

What new projects do you have planned for the coming year? Care to share?

24 thoughts on “Peace

  1. montucky

    I love that photo! It really does look peaceful. We are getting some snow tonight finally. Supposed to be up to 7 inches with more tomorrow. That’s more like it! Then we get some clear skies and sub-zero nights! Yesssss!!


  2. Pat

    The photo matches the title very well. It feels like evening. Work’s done for the day. Just sit back and watch the moon rise. And if I can stick to my budget this year (I’m getting better at it) that will be enough for me.


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Thanks, Carol. That was the view from our deck after we did our Christmas Day “thing” and were sitting in the living room relaxing. It just seemed to be perfect for ending all the “busy time.” All the best to you in the new year as well. Must be about time for you to appear on anneli’s place again. Interested?


  3. reocochran

    I am blessed that you came to visit my post, I thought it was from Brenda’s poetry posts but I saw you over at Luanne’s so had to come over and say another hello!
    Thanks for letting us know and see the peace in your valley. I hope you truly had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year will be full of incredible and exciting new things and events, Anneli. I have a stack of almost 300 photos to put into my six grandchildren’s photo albums. I like to try to write daily on my blog, but was blessed with the courage to just take 5 days off from posting. It was an amazing time, I shall do this from time to time, it was so peaceful! I go to the library to blog, which at least keeps me from getting too addicted… smiles!

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  4. Marsha

    Happy New Year 2017 Anneli and Happy Birthday Gary. You are dear friends and best neighbours. Anneli, your gift to write and to share is a special sparkle in my day. Hugs !

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