Clinging to Life

It’s the harshest time of year. In the Pacific Northwest, the moisture in the air may not always be in the form of snow, but it can feel just as cold. We may not have to worry about frostbite, but we shiver just the same.

??????????The skies are ominous and are a challenge for those who suffer from bi-polar personality disorder.


This rose bloomed because the cold weather was late in arriving.

016While it clings to life, its buddy is already succumbing to the effects of icy rain and wind, its leaves sick with damp diseases.


But the tenacity of this fruit amazes me. No, these are not apples, but rather quince hanging on for dear life.


Some new buds were fooled into trying to open, but it’s way too soon. I just hope they don’t get snowed on before spring finally comes. Meanwhile, they’ll continue as long as they can, to cling to life.

I am encouraged by the fact that the days are getting longer now, even if it is only by minutes a day. And like the quinces, I too,cling to life, but I prefer to do it bundled up in my blankets while I read in my recliner.


40 thoughts on “Clinging to Life

  1. Mother Nature must have missed the quince first time around. I’m always amazed at what does make it through the harsh Winter and then along comes Spring and we forget all about it. Today I did my 3 mile walk around the edge of Jubilee and witnessed half a dozen seasonal changes.
    Thanks for the lovely photos Anneli.


    • Those roses are just “hanger-on”ers. One year it was so mild that my Queen Elizabeth rose got several blooms in December, but that was a rare thing.Usually it’s just one straggler here or there, reminding me of what a poor gardener I am, that I didn’t do my cutting back of the roses.
      The misty picture looks nice, but gives me the shivers. I belong in Florida or someplace like that in the winter.


  2. I envy you for this beautiful view from your house. I can see myself, sitting in the recliner reading a book, looking out of the window once in a while. The roses are still in bloom here too (now they are frozen stiff but still, I have roses to enjoy while it’s snowing out there). Tough plants, I adore them. You are quite a photographer, thanks for the pics.


  3. Lovely post, Annelli! The poignant photography tells the stories to accompany your perfect words. The first shot of the ocean and tree line is breath taking and the rose so beautiful still, in its decline and shab.


    • It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine perks people up. I’m hoping for the warm kind soon! Enough of this feeble cool sunshine on the rare occasion that we have it. I’ve put my request in with the weatherman. Warm sunshine, please!


  4. This was a beautiful post, the photos and your ponderings were wonderful. I think it is amazing the tenacity of some forms of nature, especially animals and plants who hang on for dear life!


  5. Hallo, liebe Anneli.
    Ich wünsche dir noch ein gutes und gesundes Jahr 2015.

    Das erste Foto gefällt mir besonders gut.
    Bei dem Wetter, das hier zurzeit herrscht, kuschelt man sich auch am besten mit einer Decke und einem guten Buch aufs Sofa. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

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