Conditional Love

I love trees, but in the case of the pin cherry trees in our yard, that love is conditional. It depends on whether the trees are thanking us for the care and water we give them, or if they are threatening us. The pin cherry trees at the top of our driveway, where the power lines come down to the house,  hovered ready to fall on the power lines in the next big windstorm. My biggest fear was that I might have to deal with it alone when the captain was away fishing.

Today, the captain arranged for the tangled web of dead pin cherry trees to be removed. You can see what remains of the two trunks (on the left side of the picture) when the arborists were halfway through the job.

??????????They put the smaller limbs through their chipper and left the bigger pieces of the trunk for us for firewood. See the chips flying from the machine into the utility trailer?


 But the bigger job was yet to come.Another pin cherry tree had become so wide and unwieldy that it couldn’t support itself on the small slope where it had first started to grow. Several years ago, in a humongous windstorm, the huge spread of densely feathered branches caught enough wind to rip half the roots out of the ground. After that, the tree leaned and began to die.

It was a beautiful tree at one time and the birds loved it, but it was becoming a hazard as the dead and dying branches broke in subsequent blows. It was time to take it out. It used to give us some privacy from the neighbours across the street, but we would have to sacrifice that in the name of safety.



My hope is that the holly trees that were growing up in the same place will now thrive because they won’t have to share the sunshine, food, and water. In time they will grow into a new privacy screen for us – one that won’t threaten to fall on us when we walk by.

18 thoughts on “Conditional Love

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      More pin cherry trees are always popping up. There are several young trees waiting to replace the ones we had to remove. The birds love these trees and we hated to take them out, but there was no more choice. They were more than 50% dead.


  1. Luanne

    I never heard of pin cherry trees. We have to have the arborists here 2x a year or we would lose our view of the mountains, but I always feel weird about them with all that maiming going on!

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