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Quilting Fun


Everybody loves a quilt. They are cozy and comforting, cuddly and warm. That was how quilts used to be anyway. Now, in addition to those comfy quilts, we have quilting in artwork, wall hangings, placemats, clothing, purses, beach bags, and table runners. The sky is the limit when it comes to design.

Making a quilt used to be something that only grannies did, but recently it is becoming a very popular hobby among people of all ages. Granted, most of them are women, but at least we don’t have to be grannies to learn how to make quilts and projects using quilting.

I recently signed up for four lessons on getting started in quilt making. I had made three quilts before, but I knew they were clumsy efforts, and when my old, old, superold sewing machine packed it in, I bought a Bernina with all the gadgets needed for quilting. Trouble was, I didn’t know what to do with them.

The quilting course was perfect for getting me started learning how to do it right, and at the same time teaching me how to use the very fancy sewing machine I had bought.

The mug rug below with the red checkered pieces is made from an old work shirt, remnants of a pair of jeans, and the extra material from a pair of coveralls that were too long. It’s a “man’s mug rug.”001

The placemat below is also made by throwing bits of material together. This time the material was all new, but the pattern came out of my head. I must have been craving Chinese food because it looks to me as if it belongs in a Chinese restaurant.??????????

Below, is the starter quilt from my first sewing class. It’s far from perfect but it made me happy to learn how to put it together.??????????

Now that I look at these two mug rugs (below), it looks like the pink one is a bit skewed. It shouldn’t affect the coffee cup that will be placed on it. This is the beauty of being a beginner. No one expects perfection and there is always another mug rug to make for more practice.??????????

I love the idea of using old bits of material to make a new quilt. In the clumsy quilts I made long ago, I had pieces of blouses, skirts, and shirts that were too worn out to wear, but still too good to throw away completely. I felt better when I could recycle them.

Quilts have so much to say. I look at one of the old ones and hear a  scrap of blue shirt say to me, “I saw dolphins in Baja.”

Another shirt scrap says, “I chopped a lot of wood.”

Yet another, “I was your favourite shirt until that nail tore me apart.”

“I was a skirt you never liked because the waistband was too tight.” (Oof! Okay, I’ll go on a diet.)

“I was a fancy scrap your mother bought at Goodwill 40 years ago.”

Here is one of the old quilts I made and became unhappy with once I saw how poorly I had sewn it 30 years ago. I took it apart and did a major overhaul on it. I’m much happier with it now, in spite of the inevitable flaws that still crept in.


I have extra placemats now, so drop by for lunch any time.


 And the fun continues when I go for another sewing lesson next week.

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34 thoughts on “Quilting Fun

  1. I’m impressed Anneli! Beautiful results, congrats.

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  2. OMG! Each one of them is a piece of art. I especially love the one with all the different hearts, lying on the leather sofa. Your work is just marvellous! You are so talented in many ways – just an artist.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The one with the hearts is the one I took apart. I had all the hearts sewn on by hand many years ago, but now with the Bernina, I was able to use a tiny blanket stitch to sew the hearts on better. This is the one that has so many memories in it with the blue shirt I wore in Baja when I saw the dolphins. I even put that blue shirt in my book (Orion’s Gift). Lots of good memories.


  3. My coffee mug adores my MUG RUG..every morning. Much nicer than several pieces of folded paper towel and always the story behind my special piece.

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  4. I admire the thought, time and effort that go into these. One of our family treasures is a quilt that a grandmother made.

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  5. I love the “heart” quilt that you reworked. It’s so pretty.

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  6. Now I’m no quilter, but I thought the idea behind making your own is the uniqueness of it which will obviously not be factory perfection…. and what I see here is uniquely Anneli and that I love…. I, as a kid, slept under one that my Gran made for me, how I loved that quilt… it was not perfection, hell I was a kid what would I’ve known, but it was warm in winter and comfy to lie on top of in summer. … I wonder what happened to it when I left home? Probably one of the dogs got a comfy bed… I know it was gone by the time I took Linda home…. I think your work looks outstanding. …

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  7. I love all the beauty in your quilts, Anneli! The one with the diamond pattern is gorgeous! I would like to drop by and have lunch with you. The mug rugs and placemats would be so sweet to be able to use.

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  8. Good look, a lot of work I see, and you are clever Anneli.

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  9. I’m so proud of you Anneli. You are doing some very creative work. I’m glad that I could inspire and encourage you, so keep it up.
    If anyone out there does not know what to give a teenage boy for Christmas/birthday, make him a bed-size quilt. He’ll cherish it forever.

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  10. WOW! Those quilts look fantastic.
    Have a good one,

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  11. So colorful and fun! I’ve thought of taking up knitting or quilting. First, I have to make more money!


    • Your photography is going so well. I’m sure you get a lot of satisfaction out of that. Knitting and quilting is okay for the winter when there’s nothing else to do, but with your camera you can always find things to keep you busy. Love your latest photos!


  12. What lovely quilts. Sounds like you’re really enjoying it, too, and that’s what matters. I wish I had the courage to get on a plane, because Vancouver is a place on my list to see (if I didn’t have the fear of flying). Maybe someday in my old age in an RV with the hubby, I’ll be knocking on your door and have a cup of tea on one of your placemats. 🙂


  13. Fabulous! So inspiring Anneli… worst thing I ever did was give away a quilt my mum had made, I regret it to this day and can never get back the love that she put into it. You have inspired me to start quilting – thank you xx

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  14. Lovely quilting! I especially “love” the heart quilt. Quilting takes effort however the finished result is worth the time investment.

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  15. Die Decke mit den Herzen ist mein Favorit. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,


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