Good Wood

After we had the pin cherry trees taken down, and the tree cutters had put the small branches through the chipper and raked up the rest of the mess, we were left with several tree trunks to cut up, split, and stack for firewood. During the process, I was too  exhausted busy to run for the camera, but I did take some pictures after we were finished.

Here is the old splitter that three friends built with scrounged parts and their own labour.


We put the bolts of wood on the splitter and broke them up into smaller pieces for the woodstove. Then, rather than use a wheelbarrow to move the wood to the woodshed on the other side of the yard, we decided to load the back of the pickup, drive over, and unload it. That was a lot easier than making twenty trips with the wheelbarrow for each of the several truckloads of wood.

Meet Ruby and Emma, the supervisors. Their jobs were to:

  • take big pieces of bark and get them out of our way, maybe giving the bark a good airing all around the yard before dropping the pieces here, there, and everywhere
  • help with the smaller logs, chewing them down to a more manageable size
  • inspect the power saw up close the odd time it needed to be started up
  • jump in and out of the back of the truck, testing our throwing skills as we tried not to hit them
  • help pack smaller logs closer to the woodshed, if not all the way there
  • challenge any bolts tossed over towards the splitter, barking at them if necessary to prevent them from rolling under the truck
  • test the soil by rooting under the newly removed bolts of wood, in case a mouse had been snooping around
  • remind the workers to wear the gloves they had momentarily put on the ground, by freshening them up with a tear around the yard, flapping the gloves vigorously
  • ride in the front seat of the truck when it was moving, the better to watch for stray dogs that might get under the wheels.


The younger supervisor is in dire need of sprucing up her appearance, but the older one is setting a good example.

The finished product (until there is more room in the woodshed). The two sides of the shed are full and the overflow is waiting to dry out in the summer.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll throw another log on the fire. That fog has persisted all day, almost every day this week, and it brings a chill with it.

29 thoughts on “Good Wood

  1. Luanne

    Good hard labor. That’s pretty cool about the splitter. About the dogs: do they have an employee manual, a time clock, and a lawyer? If not, tell them I will help them find the 3rd item. 😉 Lots of work for them!!! They must have loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      In this case I think I would need the lawyer, as the supervisors do whatever they want and make the employees work way too hard. I thought about trying “work to rule” but the work just wouldn’t get done and I still wouldn’t rule.

      Liked by 1 person


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