Colourful Evenings

The closest I can come to experiencing some colourful evenings in my own version of Fifty Shades of Grey is by looking at the colour of the sky on any given day of this past winter. We’ve had what feels like about three months of fog, cloud, wind, and rain in various combinations and every possible shade of grey.

Suddenly we’ve had a few days of clearer skies.

I had forgotten how beautiful the clouds can be when a few rays of sunshine are allowed to reach them.


Beyond my still “winterized” black walnut tree, I see a sky that looks as if it has been painted by an amateur watercolour artist. But what a lovely palette of colours the painter has.

??????????I feel hopeful that spring is just around the corner. If only I knew which corner it was, I’d run out to meet it.

37 thoughts on “Colourful Evenings

    • Isn’t it wonderful to see (and smell) those first flowers of spring? The colours make me happy after a winter of dull gray, green, and blue.I have a few crocuses out in the yard and some daffodils with buds ready to open at the first hint of a warm day. We have a few sunny days now, but the warmth is still down in Arizona or Mexico. It’s coming though. I can tell the sun is still favouring southern countries when it doesn’t clear the treeline at noon, But soon!


  1. I like how you described the black silhouette of the tree against the watercolor sky. (Painted by an amateur, huh!) Smiles! All of the photos, Anneli, were so beautiful and clear. I liked the last one’s brilliant colored edge juxtaposed next to the black ground, evergreens and trees.

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    • In the second photo, the way the gray and pink sky colours meet, and the way the pink crosses the sky like broad brushstrokes reminded me of some of my clumsy attempts at watercolours (years ago). But I’m glad you liked the photos. I was so thrilled to see some kind of sunset. When it’s gray and stormy you don’t see much sun here at all.

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      • I forget the expression but being raised on Lake Erie, my Dad would say something about “Red skies at night, sailors delight.” and “Red skies at morn, sailors be warned.” I was not able to express myself in the way I meant to, that I knew what you meant, since I love watercolors and when I was young we would paint water on the paper and then, like you said, paint broad strokes across the page, letting it dry and adding black pen and ink trees and silhouettes of plants and even people. Beginning watercolor class. I also love how English and other people use the “colours” which make it seem so much more artistic and flourishing, too.


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