Thar’s Snow in Them Thar Island Hills

First it rained
And then it blew,

And then it friz,
And then it snew,

And then it fogged,

And then it thew,


And very shortly after then
It blew and friz and snew again!


And finally, finally, a few blossoms ventured out to welcome spring. So snow begone. Just stay in them thar hills.


28 thoughts on “Thar’s Snow in Them Thar Island Hills

  1. Dawn

    Momma Nature..just when we think Spring has sprung…snow in the forecast. One should never wash and pack away all fleece. Lesson learned. Beautiful photo’s Anneli.


  2. shoreacres

    You’ve reminded me of a rhyme from my childhood: Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the flowers iz? I love the photos, and laughed at your words. Very clever, and enjoyable!


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Thanks, Lori. The zoom on my camera works as well as my hand is steady. But it’s a very forgiving Nikon. For a couple of these I pressed my hand and camera to the wall of the house to steady it. These are definitely just hills. On the other side of our house if we walk up a little rise and look towards the mainland there are the Coast Mountains in the distance. They are really spiky and high with snow on the tops the year round.

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