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The Old Gray Mare


After staring at the monitor for too long, I wanted to have a nap, but I’m not a nap person (takes me an hour to unwind and once I’m asleep I don’t want to get up again), so I went outside to get some fresh air and revive my dulling brain. We’ll see at the end of this post whether that dull brain revived at all.

I planted grass seed in a couple of bare dirt spots in the yard. Then I came inside and put the bread dough in the barely warm oven to rise. I tried to do some writing. Not inspired enough to do anything worthwhile. Turned on the oven to bake the bread and went downstairs to sew, knowing I would hear the buzzer when it was done.

I finished the quilt I’d been working on. In the meantime the Captain came home from the boat and was going up to the back of our property to cut out the broom that was growing into the cedar hedge. He had asked earlier in the day if I would help him. So I felt guilty about him starting to work without me and went up to help him.

We did the whole length of the hedge, about 150 feet of it, throwing the brush on the back of the truck. Then the Captain said we should load on the blackberry vines I had cut out of the front hedge yesterday (and left lying there).

He did that while I hacked at some more broom in the little island of trees beside the garage. You can see that we were in “work party” mode.

Tired at last, I said I’d put the tools away and go in. As soon as I opened the door, I ran up the stairs taking them two or three at a time. MY BREAD!!!! How long ago had I put it in the oven? Well, it’s a bit dark, but if we cut the crust off we can eat it.



The Captain had two comments: “The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be….” and, “By the way, why was the back door open wide?”

“Oh, that would have been when the smell of overbaked bread hit me.”

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18 thoughts on “The Old Gray Mare

  1. Watch your step bro!!!

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  2. And another thought…

    Please do this again in June…garlic butter anyone?


  3. Too many things on the go at once. You have to cut back and take time to smell the bread er, I mean, roses.

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  4. You are lucky it wasn’t anything that could burn a house down like boiling a pot of something dry. We all do this once in a while, so take heart, it’s not the beginning of the end.

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  5. That thought crossed my mind as I looked for smoke coming out of the oven. I think I got to it just before the charring point.


  6. Just takes a little more butter, that’s all.
    I’ve noticed that I can no longer reliably multi-task either. Must be part of global warming… or something.

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    • You would laugh! That is exactly what I did. I spread some butter on the top of the crust so it would soften enough to be able to cut it. Of course some butter on the slices is nice too, and helps a lot. I totally agree with you on the effects of global warming!


  7. The other day I put some rice on the stove and went to catch up on the news on TV… the front door was open for the breeze and after a while I was looking out that door wondering who the hell was burning their food… needless to say it was none other than my rice… so badly burnt it took a day to get the smell out of the house… Sorry to say Anneli but old age seems to be creeping closer… (for me that is not you – not sure what your excuse is…)

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    • Oh, I can identify with that story too! What worries me is that it seems to be happening more often. Like once a year is often enough. It used to be almost never. Now it’s happening! I think the age factor is creeping in all right. Scary thought!

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  8. Don´t you worry a bit, the Captain will be next. A big welcome to “our club” Gary!

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  9. Sometimes this is how I like my bread, crusty on the outside and warm, moist in the inside. Surely you enjoyed it anyway or worse comes to worse, I have had to make ‘croutons’ out of hard bread. This must have happened long time ago, or otherwise who would imagine putting hard, crunchy squares of bread on a salad! Smiles! I am refraining saying anything about the Captain. You are happy and thus, I am happy. Great story, Anneli! Warm regards!

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  10. We all have those days, Anneli! I was envious of the yard work available to you. I love my travels … but I miss that part of life. The bread smelled delicious to me!

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