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Just for Fun


What is it? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. In the next post I’ll show you the rest of the photo.

IMGP2144aDon’t be shy. Join the fun and take a guess. It’s free.

Answer appears tomorrow.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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32 thoughts on “Just for Fun


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  2. Dead branch reflection

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  3. Something floating on the water.

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  4. Trees reflected in water…

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  5. I see a few people think what I think. Vines reflecting in water?

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  6. Tracks of animals in the sand at almost low tide?

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  7. Water with some oil slick and something like paint dribbled along with reflections of trees.

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  8. Reflection of something in the water. I am still trying to figure out the something.

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  9. Paint and oil dribble while working on Captain Gary’s ship

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  10. It looks like my next album cover whatever it is! 😉

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  11. At least it is a very good picture!

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  12. Maybe a muscle farm?????


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