Surf and Turf

Apparently the term “Turf and Surf” has been around since 1961. It has taken me 54 years to know about it and figure out what it means. As I’m sure everyone else in the world already knows, “Turf and Surf” refers to meals of meat and fish, especially when speaking of steak and lobster.

Yesterday the Captain and I had a Turf and Surf day, but it was a far cry from steak and lobster. We went to a store that sells commercial fishing gear near the small town of Coombs on Vancouver Island, and took care of the annual gear upgrade. Then we went to the Coombs Market where they keep goats on the roof as a tourist attraction. You may recall that we did this same outing last year and it has become a bit of a tradition: Buy fishing gear, go to the Coombs Market to buy a few picnic fixings (Black Forest ham for the bread I brought from home, some fancy mustard to put on it, and two Starbucks Americanos), and then drive ten minutes to Qualicum Beach for a seaside picnic.020

The turf was on the roof of the Coombs Market building,

004and the surf was on the nearby beach.

It wasn’t steak and lobster, but we had a beautiful day for a picnic by the beach.

22 thoughts on “Surf and Turf

  1. patriciasands

    That looks like the perfect surf and turf day to me. Your photos brought back memories of my visit to the Coombs Market and Qualicum Beach five years ago with all the ladies of The Bridge Club. Special times!

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I had just made bread so I cut a bunch of slices and wrapped them up to bring along and we bought the ham, mustard, and coffee at Coombs. We brought apples and water too from home.


  2. Sonja Forrester

    Island living at its best! Beautiful photo of the beach, Anneli. I love to do that kind of thing. Funny how a picnic lunch always tastes so much better than a sandwich at home. 🙂 Take care.

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  3. reocochran

    Who says “Surf and Turf” has to be a specific way?! Smiles, your way with the Captain sounds lovely and the photo of the goats on the grass above the market was such a great one, Anneli. (This was so clever in the way you used the terms. You know how I enjoy playing with my words! ha ha!)

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