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Ironing the Beach


This is an old photo I came across. Pablo, the man in the photo, took care of the beach where we stayed. The land belonged to his wife’s family for generations, he told us. There are no facilities, except an outhouse, but most people who camp there have everything they need in their RVs. When we stayed at Pablo’s beach the price was very reasonable at $3.00 per night to park on the beach. $5.00 if you wanted a palapa as well. We stayed for about three months and loved every minute of it.

This was what they call dry camping, not because the desert is dry, but because there are no amenities like running water or electricity. It’s very rustic, but also very natural and beautiful. It is quiet there unless someone brings battery-operated radios or (in those days, about 18 years ago) cassette tape players. More often you’d hear someone playing a guitar by the campfire or a group of friends singing at happy hour.

Pablo was rightly proud of his beach and kept it clean. He took the seaweed away in a wheelbarrow and dumped it far from the camping area so the little flies didn’t infest the sandy beach. Hard work for a man in his early 70s.

Here he is, ironing the beach. I couldn’t believe it when he told me he was “planchando la playa.” Ironing the beach?! I looked it up. Yes, that’s what he had said. He was flattening the sand that many footsteps had scuffed and as he ran his homemade ironing board over an area, it raked up any foreign objects (like cigarette butts, and beer caps) that would otherwise make the beach messy.

The handle of the “iron” Pablo is using, is made from a spine of the cardón cactus. Very hard wood.

ironing the beach [1]

It was after spending a couple of winters in Baja at Pablo´s beach that I decided to write my novel “Orion’s Gift.” In the story I had a character like Pablo but named him Alfonso.

If a romantic suspense drama in Baja interests you, why not check out “Orion’s Gift”?

Orion's Gift

Available at all amazon outlets and smashwords.com.



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8 thoughts on “Ironing the Beach

  1. Why not, indeed. It’s a great book and I love this post – makes the novel more personal.

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  2. A good place to get the inspiration to write a book. No wonder the story was so good to read.

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  3. A good place to get good ideas for a very good story.

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  4. This man looks like such a nice man and certainly had a good work ethic, too. Anneli, I put in a request for all of your books. I wrote them down on a library request form. I started with your mystery, The Wind Weeps, then added Orion’s Gift and Julia’s Violinist. I also listed your blog site. I hope the library will get these in and will let you know if they order them. I know it seems silly but once you have given or sold almost all of your books, you kind of make a decision to borrow books and return them. I still have “Key to the Kingdom,” “Great Expectations,” a travel book from the 1900’s of Sweden and love looking at the black and white photographs. My Grandpa Mattson, (was Matthewson) came from there to Massachusetts with his family as a teenager. I also have a few of the very special books of my children… smiles!

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