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The Love-Hate List


Thanks, Lynne at aliceandmolly.com, for the love-hate list challenge.

Here are ten things I dislike very much:

1. insincerity

2. liars

3. braggarts

4. gossips

5.people who slip into “my” intended parking place when I have my blinker on and am waiting for someone to back out

6.saying goodbye to people I love

7.people who talk on their cell phones or who text while driving

8. TV ads with put downs or that teach kids that bad behaviour is funny or okay

9. the increase in volume of TV ads that come on during a show that is at a normal volume

10. unhealthy additives in our food

Ten things I love:

1. reading

2. writing

3. when someone buys my books

4. seeing a new plant pop up in my garden

5. seeing a new and colourful bird at my birdfeeder

6. beautiful quilts

7. Joni Mitchell’s songs and poetry

8. watching my dogs’ antics

9. hearing an owl in the fir trees outside my house at night

10. seeing old friends and getting together with them for lunch

Those are my ten likes and dislikes. What would you add to a list like this? Can you think of one new thing for each list? Why not share it?

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28 thoughts on “The Love-Hate List

  1. Grin … Love ladybugs
    Hate Michelle’s jackass when he cops an attitude
    Happy gardening

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  2. I hate if someone is late for our date. I also hate weeding and housecleaning. But I love to laugh and love to be loved and love to love.

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  3. I dislike braggarts the most especially if the achievement is easy to attain. There is always going to be someone smarter and stronger than you in life 🙂 As for when someone buys your books can you let us know what are some of your favorites that you’ve written?

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    • My settings of my books (three so far and a fourth coming out very soon) are all very different from each other, so I hope there’s something for everyone. They all deal with situations people get themselves into and the strength of character it takes to survive those situations. I couldn’t choose a favourite, but in a nutshell, The Wind Weeps is a BC coast story, Orion’s Gift takes place in Baja, and Julia’s Violinist takes place in wartime Europe but is not a war story. They are all people stories, hopefully page turners. 😉 Thanks for asking.

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      • Excluding you, who is your favorite writer (or writers)?


        • The first name that popped into my head was Dostoyevsky. I loved Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, and The Brothers Karamazov, but I had a hard time getting into some of his darker books. I enjoyed Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance.” I’m sure there are more authors out there whose work I’ve enjoyed, but these two came to mind right away. How about you?

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  4. I hate those that take part in elder abuse. Too much of it these days.
    I love get together with friends.

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  5. Dislike weeds to the max ( never use hate..too strong a word for me)

    Love shopping for treasures at Trader Joe’s

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    • For the purpose of this list, I agree that hate might be too strong a word, but there are other things that I didn’t put on the list that would qualify for the stronger feeling of hate. Not many, but some things are so evil that hate emerges. I agree about TJ’s too!


  6. How do you settle on ten for each? I would be arguing with myself all over the place in order to come up with a published list. Sigh.

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    • I know! I just went for it and then hit publish. It wasn’t until other people had ideas that were way more important, and I agreed with them, that I realized the list should be much longer. But we don’t want readers falling asleep either…. What to do?


  7. I hate it when others have no consideration for your time. And I LOVE quilting!!!!


  8. Plants and birds are some of my favorites too. I’d have to add traveling!

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  9. I dislike a lot of the same things as you. Love being outside (walking, running, biking, hiking) and breathing in fresh air! Also, love to travel. And reading. And writing…….and…….. 🙂


  10. Well, to be honest, I adore to read my blog posts after correction by my editor. 🙂 It is always a good lesson of English for me.

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