Aliens in the Woods

At the quilt show, I saw one quilt that gave me goosebumps. Seriously, the hair on my arms stood up and a shiver ran over me. Do you see the aliens in the woods in this quilt? One is more prominent than the others (he must be the leader) but the more I looked the more I found. If you don’t see him, try looking at the section I cropped and posted below the picture of the whole quilt.028

Look for his right eye near the middle of the quilt in one of the darker pieces. Once you see his eye, you’ll see his mouth. Look around in the bigger quilt above and find him there. You may see others like him here and there. Wherever you see an eye, you may find the rest of the aliens. I just had another look at the quilt and my goosebumps came back. This quilt is beautifully done but it creeps me out. I could only have this hanging on my wall on a hot day to cool me off with the shivers.

028aDid you see the aliens? They’re everywhere, aren’t they?

26 thoughts on “Aliens in the Woods

  1. I didn’t know if other people would see them too, but it gave me the chills to look at. My tile floor has swirly marble designs and I see faces in it everywhere. All it takes is an eye shape and the rest of the face, however contorted, appears. I’m relieved to hear that I’m not alone (especially against this horde of aliens in the woods).


    • I don’t think she could possibly have done it deliberately. Just the way the patterns are in the fabric. At least, I THINK that’s the case, but maybe I’m not giving her enough credit.


  2. When I was a child there was a poster over my bed that showed all thirty something presidents. At night, in the semi-darkness, I had raw material for hundreds of nightmares – which may explain my current condition. It’s a very fine quilt, tho.

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      • Well, at least I knew the names of all the presidents up to Eisenhower. When I was a therapist with children I had a number of kids who had been traumatized, and then they would have nightmares about “Chucky” and other horror movies their parents would let them watch.

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        • I’m a real wimp when it comes to horror shows, and it’s not because my parents allowed me to watch. I had to go to bed when “One Step Beyond” came on the TV. But I listened to it and that was creepy enough.

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          • I think that nightmares are part of the hard wiring. But to juice those wires with TV s horrors and deliberately shocking and gruesome scenes produces – well, what we see on the news.

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  3. Whoa – they are freaky little guys. Anneli I share your ‘skill’ of spotting an eye and then forming a contorted face around it. It’s been a life-long thing for me too. When I was tiny the curtains in my bedroom had swirly patterns which seemed to morph into evil glaring faces – usually skeletal and for some reason wearing cowboy hats. It was especially bad in the summer when I always seemed to be put to bed before it was dark. I also had a basket-weave chair which used to creak as the day cooled off and the two things together would completely freak me out! These days I have blackout linings and shutters in France so it’s pitch black even at 9am – not so good for waking up but definitely avoids the dozing twilight spectres.


    • Oh, Emma! You don’t know how it makes my heart feel good to hear it! I’m so glad I’m not alone out there in the world of over-imaginative freaky mind play. We don’t need to go to horror movies (I can’t handle it anyway) – we make up our own in our heads!


  4. I am using my new cell phone which keeps thinking it knows best what I want to say:) This us my second time around so maybe it will be better. Ha ha!
    I saw the patterns of swirls which made me think of storms and a tempest, Anneli.
    Then you had me trying to find aliens which actually aren’t as scary to me as “demons.”
    As far as aliens, you could visualize happy ones like “E.T.” “My Favorite Martian” or “Mork and Mindy.” 🙂
    My dad liked to think of pyramids and Stonehenge being ways to communicate with “Ancient Astronauts.” He flew down to inspect those iron filings on the ‘Nazcan’ desert in Peru. Maybe these may take away fear and replace it with amusement, Anneli. 🙂

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