Smoke gets in your eyes

It’s hard to see the neighbours’ trees clearly. Smoke from the forest fires was still thick yesterday, but today it seems to have lifted somewhat, even though the fires are still not contained. I guess the wind changed and the smoke is drifting around higher in the atmosphere. 005

Before I got Bulldog’s advice about how to set the camera to get the redness of the sun to show up, I had already taken this photo. The fennel plant insisted on getting in on the action. This picture was taken yesterday around 4 p.m. and the smoke was still thick at that time. That should be blue sky in the background, but the blue part was completely obscured.027aStill praying for rain! Tons of it.  It doesn’t mean I won’t complain about too much rain this winter.

31 thoughts on “Smoke gets in your eyes

  1. I sure feel for you with all of that smoke! I know what that’s like. We have been getting some of that smoke clear down here too, so I can imagine what it’s like up your way. There’s rain in the forecast here, coming from monsoons down to the southwest. Hope it continues on up to your area!

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    • Oh, I sure hope it comes this way! There’s no breeze this morning and the muggy, smoky air is just sitting there. Real headache material. I’ve set up a fan so that may help in a while – blow the smoke around a bit. I’ve never seen anything like it.


  2. Beautiful photos! I love that the fennel did a photo bomb! The red sun was really something over the last few days, and you captured it well in your photo. Let’s hope the 30 – 40% chance of precipitation this weekend, turns into 100%!

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    • Actually I only captured the outside ring. I didn’t know about the settings to use (still haven’t practiced with them yet) to get the full redness of the sun. It was completely red some mornings. One day it was like that all day. Really eerie!


  3. Smoke never is pleasant, and the fires themselves can be awful. We have pure yellow skies at sunrise and sunset just now, rather than red, because of Saharan dust. It can be unpleasant, too, but it’s not the same kind of threat. Hope your rain comes soon!

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  4. What fun would life be if we couldn’t complain? Ha. The sun was super orange here on the 4th of July. I used my phone for a photo (coming on blog tomorrow) so I couldn’t get its true color. But, if you know how to set it, shoot me an email. I’d love to set the camera properly to capture that color. Anyway, are the fires still burning there? Here’s hoping all people and homes stay safe and rain comes to dance in your forests.

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    • Yes, 190 fires around the province yesterday. A couple of them are big ones, many are small ones, all are needing to be dealt with. Not too many that are threatening homes just now, but there’s always the potential for that. One that was near homes has been contained.

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  5. Texas would love to share with us I am smoke here right now but brittle. Mandatory Watering Sched. means I must get out in the back yard this morning..or else:)

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  6. I’ve just been reading a book about the worst forest fire in the American west in recorded history. Happened in 1910 and moved into Canada, also. I don’t think the smell of smoke will ever be the casual thing it used to be. The whole west coast on the North American continent is in need of a good, soaking rain. SOON! Love the fennel, it dresses up that tired old sun a bit.

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    • That fennel just got in the way the first time I tried to get a picture of the sun and then I kind of liked it so I tried a few more shots like it. Wish I could get the redness of the sun to come out but I’ve been lazy about hauling out the photo manual. Must do it though and give it a try. Interesting about the big forest fire. No water bombers in those days.


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