Snack Time

When I told Emma to sit and have her picture taken, she didn’t argue. She was very obedient. That’s because I had just finished giving her the Dickens for going too far this time. For months, she has packed my shoes around in the house. Every shoe I tried to put on my feet, first involved a hunt through the house for the matching mate. It got so I taught her how to bring it to me by saying, “Go get the other one,” and she would proudly bring it from wherever she had last dropped it. There was never a mark on the shoes … until today.


“Did I do good, Mom? Huh? Huh? Did I?”

I could have cried when I saw what she had done to my $125 Birkenstock sandal.


She still doesn’t get it. She’s still smiling and you can tell from the blur in the photo that her tail is still wagging.


“But you still love me, right? Come on, admit it. You know you do.”

47 thoughts on “Snack Time

  1. Oh no! And that face, that smiling face. No way to stay mad. She reminds me so much of Piezon. He used to fetch items for me, except he never ate them. Ha. But, Emma is still a puppy.

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  2. Some how I’ve managed to avoid dogs that like leather. However, I did have one that liked wood. First time I found a chewed up pencil I nearly had a heart attack. The vet said she was fine and as far as I could tell she never ate any. Nor did she attack furniture. But we made a point of keeping such things above nose level.

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    • Our springer spaniel ate a ballpoint pen when she was little and I was quite worried until I saw all the parts come out the other end later on. I don’t know why they have to chew on things that aren’t edible. I do feed them plenty. 😉


  3. How can you be mad at cute adorable Emma? My golden Henry (who’s been gone for over a year and I still miss so much) used to get my shoe and place it by his paws when we were all watching TV. Then he’d sigh in happiness and fall asleep with his head on my shoe. Bliss. In that way, I was always near him. So, you see? It’s an act of love when Emma takes your shoe (not sure about chewing on it though…) ! 🙂

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    • Thank you. She really has a sweet personality. You won’t believe it, but as I was writing this comment I turned to look at her lying beside me and she had another shoe in her mouth. I’ve had to dig out my older pair of Birk’s and had put them up on a chair, out of reach….I thought. She was just getting into the heel flavour when I happened to look. She has a bit of the “naughty bug” in her … or is it the “gnawty bug”?

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  4. Oh this made me giggle!!! I recall the day when our girls were pups….they ate the pillows, the walls, the cell phone, the rocking chair, the electric heater and on and on and on….. hang in there. It’s a good thing she is so adorable! Sorry about your shoe. 😦

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  5. I arrived a little late, Anneli. Poor sweet pup! Poor sweet and good friend who loved her quality sandals! My brother buys a name brand which replaces damaged shoes. In the movie, “Wild,” the hiker is able to get new boots sent to her, free of charge. . .
    Just hoping you can ship these damaged sandals back to the company. 🙂 Crossing my fingers xoxo

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    • I’m going to try my local shoe repair guy. If he can’t do it, no one can. I would be very surprised if Birkenstock honours chewed up sandals, and the shipping costs would probably kill me. But thanks for the good thoughts.

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  6. Oh what a cutie. How could you ever be mad at her for more than a second? I used to wear Birkenstocks, but can’t any longer. I have ones I can’t even wear still. I wonder if there is a use for used Birkenstocks?

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    • Yes, they are. The first day they feel a bit funny but they seem to mold to your feet very quickly without losing their support in the right places. I love them and am on my fourth pair over many years. Guess now I’ll have to buy a fifth pair sooner than I anticipated.


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