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Fur Fashions


This gal didn’t mind wearing a fur coat in the heat.


This sure isn’t as good a restaurant as Suzanne’s place, but it’s handy for now.

She scampered into my yard the other day and wasted no time finding the dinner table. Basically, all she wanted was some granola – a few millet seeds, some sunflower seeds, bits of cracked corn. What dainty fingers and pleasant table manners she has.

I know these red squirrels have a bad reputation for robbing birds’ nests, but they don’t have much of a lifespan themselves. The little guys are lucky if they make it through their first year. Seems they get smarter as their mortality rate drops after that. Still, eight years is about all they get. No wonder they scurry around so fast. With a life that short they have to pack as much living into it as they can.

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19 thoughts on “Fur Fashions

  1. In my opinion they are worth the trouble they cause, some of which is our fault anyway. Sure fun to watch!

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  2. Sweet little creatures, I love to watch them.

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  3. Now, we live outside the city and every day we go to the near forest to feed squirrels.

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  4. Cute. I learned something new. Didn’t know how long they lived. There was some creature bobbing around on the trees around our new place. It looked like a squirrel, but it didn’t have a tail. Turns out, it WAS a squirrel without its tail. It’s funny how I recognized them by the tail and not the body.

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  5. Give them food, they can only enrich your life watching them… love the photo…

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  6. I never knew that their lifespan was so short. We have a love/hate relationship with the squirrel, particularly when he/she is hanging from our bird feeder gobbling up all the seeds!

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  7. I love little critters like red, brown and gray squirrels. I am very partial to chipmunks and rabbits, too.
    I liked your nature’s bit of wisdom, Anneli! If we had shorter lives we would not be going around saying, “Slow down and smell the roses, no sir!” Life goes so fast but for these seemingly cheerful little creatures use what time they have and scurry around.

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    • I like to think they still smell the roses but they do it much faster. A quick sniff and they’re on to the next adventure.

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      • Ok, I can imagine this is true since they seem so inquisitive they probably have fun, along with sniffing various things. I have to hope when you see them running in circles and up and down that they sometimes play games of chase or hide and seek.:) I was like a few here stunned at how short their life spans are, Anneli!

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  8. I can’t remember the last time I saw a squirrel.

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