Ups and Downs

The Eurasian collared dove brings out differing emotions in people. Some love them; others hate them. I happen to love them. They’re fun to watch and their call (the repetitiveness of which is mainly what drives some people nuts) reminds me of Mexico, so I feel like I’m on holidays without leaving home.

This fellow landed on my mildewy gutters the other day. (You’ll have to forgive the green stuff on the gutters because they’re too high to clean regularly.)  But on with what happened.


Wow! What a view of the birdfeeder. But how to get down there, now that I’m up.


Oh, who’s this? Company? Maybe it’s the fire department – here to help me get down off the roof. It is rather high up.


You’re right! It IS a long way down.


This requires some analytical thinking. Hmm….


We could jump….


“What do YOU think we should do?” “I think we should jump.” “Okay. Good idea. You first.”


“Now where are you going?” “I’m going to look for another way down.”


“No luck?” “Nope! Let’s just go for it.”

Proving once again that life has its “ups and downs.”

22 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Anneli, this truly made me feel you could read those Eurasian collared doves’ minds! The photographs were excellent clarity and quality. The pretty birds just don’t seem like anyone could “hate” them. Is there a reason for this?

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    • I guess that if you let it get to you, the constant cooing could get inside your head. It seems to go on all day long and if you can’t think about something different it would be like Chinese water torture after a while.

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    • It’s good to be a bit different from the pack. I don’t mind their cooing at all and was surprised to hear that some people don’t like the doves. More than one person has said that. The doves are new arrivals here in the last few years. They’ve been working their way north and west from the Bahamas I think. I like them, and the dogs find them very interesting!

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    • I used to resent it when the regular pigeons used to come – didn’t mind if bandtailed pigeons stopped by, but didn’t care for the common pigeons. They could clean out the birdfeeder and they kept the other birds away. Bullies! But these guys are kind of fun to watch and since I only have a few here, I don’t mind them at all. I might feel different if I had 50 of them stopping for lunch.


  2. Hahaha, I love these guys! What a cute little story. A good example of “people” making things more difficult than they need to be! How about flying, guys? I read such an interesting book about pigeons years ago. Apparently all these types of doves are related to pigeons and share many of the same characteristics. But it’s true that the doves are easier for humans to connect with, usually.

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  3. Funny Funny! We have suddenly been awarded a visit from a white white dove the last few weeks. Not sure which kind it is, but she never flies up to the bird feeder but enjoys the treats below. I feel sorry for her, because she’s all alone; my guess is that her mate has gone missing. 😦

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