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We Must Tell the King


The other day I was picking up hazelnuts that had fallen on the ground. My dogs have taken a liking to them and Ruby has taught Emma to crack them in her teeth. Not a good thing to do unless you want cracked teeth, too. So I’m trying to keep a step ahead by gathering the nuts as they fall. It’s a bit disheartening when, after I’ve shaken the trees to make the nuts fall, and cleaned the whole area under the trees, a breeze comes along and more nuts fall. Impossible to keep up with it all.


But as the nuts are falling, so are the apples. I’d picked up the ones on the ground and had gone back to raking up the area under the hazelnut trees, when a strong gust of wind knocked a beautiful, big apple out of the tree next to me. Thonk! It whacked me on the head and thudded to the ground.


How brainwashed we are! In that split second, I was six years old again, listening to stories on Uncle Leroy’s radio show, “Kiddies’ Corner,” on a Saturday morning at 9 o’clock. Uncle Leroy played the recorded stories,  and as clearly as if it had been only yesterday, I heard Chicken Little say, “Bockbockbock! The SKY is falling! And WE must tell the KING! BaBOCKbock!”

I shook off the memory and chuckled at how these stories, like  Pepsodent and Brylcreem jingles are imprinted into our brains by the media.

Then I glanced up from my nitpicking and nut picking, and looked towards the neighbours’ house. Our back driveway is only sometimes used, but for a day or two it wouldn’t be used at all. In the previous night’s huge windstorm that caused havoc all across southwestern British Columbia, a part of the huge maple tree that stands beside the driveway had broken off and landed across it.


Now if you’ll excuse me, BaBOCKbock! I really MUST go tell the king! (And ask him to bring his chain saw.)

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27 thoughts on “We Must Tell the King

  1. I have mentioned Chicken Little to friends sometimes and it makes them go back in time to being a toddler or preschooler. I like when I walk through the woods lately to see squirrels and chipmunks scampering, nuts falling and some crabapples, too. This was clever, Anneli and yes, “Go tell the king!” ☆

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  2. Did Gary just get a promotion?

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  3. Henny Penny! Nursery school in the old ex high school building. We listened to it on a record.

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  4. Must have been quite a storm. Yes, tell the King!

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  5. Actually, I love having those little bits of history come to mind. I still can sing the Hamm’s beer commercial, and thing of it every time “Hiawatha” comes into the discussion. But yes — apples and nuts are one thing. It’s best to avoid those limbs!

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    • Remember “Brusha, brusha, bru-usha. Here’s the new Ipana. Brusha, brusha, bru-usha, It’s goo-ood for your tee-eeth”? Bucky Beaver singing it showing his two big front teeth?
      Then for Pepsodent, it went something like,”You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.” My brother paraphrased it and to this day I remember his version better: You’ll wonder where your teeth all went when you brush your teeth with wet cement.”


  6. Isn’t it always the way, the older siblings teach the younger siblings their bad habits.You’re a good mom, doing all that work to protect the canines. (Pun intended.) I think the King could probably handle that branch with loppers, but why spoil his fun! Good story. 🙂

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    • LOL. Protecting the canines. That’s a good one. The loppers (wielded by the king’s servant, would work on some of the smaller branches but there are a few bigger ones that need the king’s attention with the royal chain saw.


  7. Wow. Hope people took cover in that windstorm. Good thing no one was in the way of that branch. And, watch out for that falling sky. Thonk!

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    • Actually, there was one serious injury to a woman who was apparently outside warning people to get in their houses because of the trees coming down, when one fell on her. Not sure if she survived. There were huge trees down all over the place, the leaves still being on them, acting like sails in the huge wind and the long drought having weakened and dried the trunks. It was quite the mess. Lots of power outages and crushed cars and smashed roofs on houses. We were lucky it wasn’t as bad on Vancouver Island as on the mainland side.

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  8. What a fun story, not the head Thunk, but the way you presented same, I had forgotten about Chicken Little and her gang!
    My daughter and I visited the one room school House in Wayland, MA, the one purchased by Henry Ford and moved to the current location. Purportedly it is where Mary and her brother (really) had a lamb follow them to school one day. The rest you can guess.
    To make a long story short, we came home and looked up all of the lyrics having forgotten most of them. Fun day for us!

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    • I find it really sad that so many of these old stories are being shelved and not read to kids anymore. Many of the fairy tales are now deemed to be “too violent” and yet we allow video games where characters behead each other. I loved the old stories and nursery rhymes as a child, and, as you see, I still surprise myself once in a while when I become aware that they are so deeply ingrained. I think I turned out okay in spite of having read Hansel and Gretel, and The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe. It didn’t make me a cruel mother or step-mother. I think they were a lot of fun to hear and read. Thanks for the history on Mary’s little lamb!

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  9. Apples and nuts are part of the treasures of fall, it will be wonderful to have them for this fall and winter.

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  10. ba bock bock back to you. Memory lane and laugh out loud, I can hear your wonderful laughter. Thanks for the
    memories and smiles. Will the king come wash my salty windows?

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