Victoria’s Tea Grannies and their Modern Counterparts

In Victoria, B.C., everyone who’s anyone goes to Murchie’s for a cup of tea or coffee. Some go  once in a while. Some, nearly every day! They meet their friends and keep their brains alive by getting out into the world and finding out what’s happening.

Seems this has been going on for many years. Murchie’s has been around since 1894. The note on the display says, “This display, hand made in the Black Forest, 120 years ago and has 800 parts.


Across the street, the people in that building are very interested in what’s going on at Murchie’s.



“Look at them over there,” the little boy says. “I bet they think we’re just paintings on the wall.”DSCN3880a

“I see a woman with a camera over at the tea shop.”DSCN3881a

“Hey! Look at all those people having a good time over at Murchie’s. I think we need to go over for a cup of tea.”

26 thoughts on “Victoria’s Tea Grannies and their Modern Counterparts

  1. reocochran

    I love your post and all of the fun facts included, Anneli. The paintings look real on the building. I like the table of men, very nice gathering. I also liked the descriptions. Yes, I would go there if I had a space transport system, order tea or coffee, a delicious treat inclded, too. 🙂

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  2. shoreacres

    What wonderful paintings! It took me a minute to find the bubble blower — what a nice touch that is, and so well done! It would be such fun to live in a neighborhood like that. I’d be at Murchie’s in a minute. We used to have the Buffalo Grill, but it moved, and got yuppified (back in the days before there were hipsters). I’m glad you still have this wonderful place.

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  3. Lori

    Wow! If you hadn’t said they were paintings, I might not have known. I might’ve figured it out on one of the close-up shots, but I also might not have given it a second thought. Cool. Do you live near this place?

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