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Lunar Eclipse – Sept. 27, 1015


I will spare you all the scientific details of the eclipse of this Supermoon. I’d heard it would be out there tonight and the sky happened to be clear, so I took my camera which is capable of better shots than I can  take with it, and I walked down the road to look for the moon.

On the way, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the bay below me.


It wasn’t completely dark yet so I continued on to the top of the roughly 200 stairs that lead down to the beach. A couple of ladies with flashlights were going down the stairs ahead of me so I felt brave even as it was getting darker. By the time I got down to the next level, probably 100 feet down the hill, it was getting very dusky and I could see a lot of people setting up camp to celebrate the event on the spit of the beach that you see in the photo above. I stopped to take the photo below, but all I could get was a blurry hint of a moon covered with webby darkness.


I realized that these horrible snaps were not worth my having gone down these many steep stairs halfway down to the beach, and worse yet, I would now have to go back up the stairs, with lots of bushes on either side, in nearly complete darkness because, of course, there was no moon to guide my way. Thoughts of lurking bears and cougars “eclipsed” my thoughts of the eclipse.


When I got home, there was the moon, now higher in the sky, taunting me to try my amateur photography again.  I had little success.

Much later, in January of 2016, while visiting in Olympia, Washington, a friend showed me a photo she took of this same eclipse while she was in Niagara Falls. With her permission I’m posting her fabulous photo.

Sept. 27 eclipse - Juanita Kelly

Taken by Juanita Kelly at Niagara Falls.

I hear that the next Supermoon eclipse is in 2033. I may still be around for it, but I’m not sure I will still be able to manage to clamber up those stairs by that time. Maybe Juanita will come through for me again at that time.

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22 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse – Sept. 27, 1015

  1. Anneli, you are so kind to share this with us!I had a particularly cloudy night and could not see the moon. Thanks, dear friend. ☆

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  2. Apologies for the poor quality of the night pictures, but it was a mini adventure for me.


  3. Your opening shot of the bay is spectacular.

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  4. A wonderful picture of the beach! It’s unfortunate that the moom was somewhat hidden. We sat outside here, gazing at it. But i didn’t take any pictures. Just admired the sight.
    Have a great week,

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  5. Me too…saw the same Blood Moon…many neighbors up and down the street enjoying this once in our lifetime …maybe! Thanks for making the great effort so that we can all have another peek.

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  6. I’m glad you made it back up safely.

    Recently, while walking Max, we ran into a skunk for the first time and freaked out. I can’t imagine running into a bear. Eeeks. (We didn’t have skunks in Florida).

    Even if you don’t climb those stairs in 2033, bring a flashlight. 😉

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  7. I’m watching the eclipse right now here in Richmond.  Lovely!!

    “wordsfromanneli” writes:

    wordsfromanneli posted: “I will spare you all the scientific details of the eclipse of this Supermoon. I’d heard it would be out there tonight and the sky happened to be clear, so I took my camera which is capable of better shots than I can  take with it, and I walked down the ro”  

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  8. That sounds like a challenge my friend, photographing the next supermoon/eclipse event in 2033. Forget the stairs. Wonder what camera you will have then? It’s only 18 years away. Time is a marvel? Good words and photos, capturing this EVENT 2015. Watched the moon set this morning, luminous and magnificent.

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  9. Good pics. I was in Saskatchewan sitting in a hot tub at my niece’s place watching the eclipse. Spectacular! By the time the lunar show was over, we were all shriveled like prunes.

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  10. “Love” this. Ha. Being a moon junkie, I drove around the city looking for a spot to observe the Super Luna eclipse. Took some photographs, which ended up blurry and pinkish. Still- it was a beautiful night.
    “Moon is the light from a lantern in heaven.”
    ~M. Khan

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  11. Lunar eclipse eluded me behind cloud cover but lately it has been beautiful, a crescent moon with the North Star so brightly shining. Thank you for the fantastic bay photograph, it really was invredible. Take care and Happy October, Anneli. xo

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  12. Thanks for checking out my eclipse. October promises to be a good month.


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