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Attention, Farmers! Help!


In Vida, one of my favourite towns to visit in Montana, there is usually a relic of some sort to be found on a lot by the main street. Not being a farm girl, I don’t know much about these machines. If anyone has info about the old contraption below, I’d be very happy to learn something. What is it called? Who made it? When was it built? What was it used for? Any interesting tidbits are welcome, so please comment if you can contribute anything at all.DSCN4203

Here is a newer “something.” Again, please help me out and tell what you know about it in the comment section below.

This one is a unique driveway decoration now, but it looks like it was once a stove of some sort. Any ideas? Models? What did it burn?DSCN4201

Of one thing I’m sure. Farmers are happy and creative people!DSCN4208

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14 thoughts on “Attention, Farmers! Help!

  1. Your top photo is of a Farmall tractor, made by International Harvester. It would have been used for any number of purposes, often pulling a disc, plow, or other equipment. You can find some history and a clickable list of models here. They sure were an improvement on mules!

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  2. Ha, ha! You know perfectly well what they are. The first picture took me back to the farm – although my dad’s were in much better shape than this one. He had a small tractor and large John Deere that he had to start with a crank wheel which was not easy by any means.


  3. My favorite two are the tractor and stove lawn decoration, like a country living “statue,” Anneli. 🙂
    I posted about a few tractors in September during the county fair week. 🙂 Hope you get a farmer or two! Have a great weekend, Anneli.

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  4. Smile it looks like a Farmall model H tractor produced by International Harvester(IHC) now owned by Case tractor, as IH Case or Case IH company. It most likely did not have a 3 point lift, so it used all drag*(pull) type implements. It was rated at 19 horsepower at it’s drawbar. manufactured 1939 – 1953

    As for the stove a common free standing type, most often located in the center of the room. A wood burner that could be fitted with coal burning grates.

    The Combine used harvesting grain crops, from canola to rice. This model has 4 wheel assist drive drain(wheels.)

    Happy gardening

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  5. Love the “Hay Crow”…I may have seen a stove similar to that in Bonne Bay ..late 40s, early 50s. Let’s ask Mom. Snow in Upper Mi…Montana yet?

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  6. Love the photos, it was a wonderful walk through my childhood. The old tractor touches so many special childhood memories.

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  7. That’s so good to hear. Thanks, Charlie.


  8. No comment on the machinery from me. The old stove I love and also the straw balls made up that funny man (we have those in one place near by, with other clothes and faces). Yes, looks like farmers are happy and inventive people!

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  9. Thanks for the visit, Ursula. We had fun visiting the farm areas.


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