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Montana Sunset


Within a period of about five minutes, the western sky changed. I must have taken about 15 photos and had a hard time choosing which ones to post here. Of the four I’ve chosen, do you have a favourite? No big story with this post, just some colour to share another Montana treasure – its fantastic skies.

DSCN4354 DSCN4353 DSCN4351 DSCN4350

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33 thoughts on “Montana Sunset

  1. All your photos are stunning but the 4th one is my favorite one. 🙂 The orange is spectacular.

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  2. Thanks, Carol. I kind of like that one too. The clouds are so dark against the orange.


  3. All 4 are my favourite. Lovely pics.

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  4. Wow. Spectacular! I can see why you had a difficult time choosing. I’m a big fan of trees against the backdrop of a brilliantly colored sky.

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  5. These pictures are gorgeous. I love the sunset. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. You made some very nice captures! That was a beautiful sunset!

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  7. Wow, such spectacular end of day photos, love the light and gorgeous colors you captured.

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  8. Absolutely gorgeous.

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  9. The first- and the last one belong together. I love the first one and wait a bit and then I love the last one a lot. Great shots indeed!!!

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  10. WHOA!!! Gorgeous gorgeous photographs. I guess #2 and #4 are my favorites. 2 because of the juxtaposition between the black tree and the sky, 4 because of those deep red colors.

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  11. I missed these gorgeous photos of Montana skies, Anneli.
    I choose the last two with each of them being more beautiful than the next. You were wise to keep on shooting photos! Superb in style, clarity and natural wonder.

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  12. Thanks, Victor. Montana has many beautiful sunsets. A photographer could have many fine sunset (and sunrise) sessions.


  13. Magnificent sunset captured so beautifully! Number 4, if I had to choose.

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