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Running Away


I want to tell the animals out here, “Please, don’t run away. I only want to get your picture,” but they don’t trust me. I guess they’ve learned that the hard way at times. Perhaps being so elusive makes them a treasure to see at all.

I love seeing pronghorn antelopes but when I do, they’re always far away and they don’t stick around very long to pose for pictures. Hence these hurried snaps of faraway pronghorn who left immediately after saying, “Cheese,” for the camera.

See Mrs. Pronghorn below.


Mr. Pronghorn looks at me suspiciously and leaves.


This pheasant had been hiding in the grass about five feet in front of me as I stood by the truck wondering what to take a picture of. I guess I made him a little too nervous when I didn’t leave soon enough. He jumped up and slapped his wings. I was so startled I thought I’d have a heart attack.


The only animals who didn’t run away from me were these American paint horses.


I think they’re waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

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18 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. They are all nice, and I love the horses of course!

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  2. Horses, always. I think they’re waiting to see what you’ll feed them. 🙂

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  3. Mr. Pronghorn is a pretty respectable buck!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You did manage to get a couple of good shots. The horses, of course, are waiting for a pat or a treat or both.

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  5. It’s hard enough to get a good picture of hubby! I admire your patience and good eye to get those very good snapshots of wildlife. The horses of course were standing still. I love all of your pictures, thanks for sharing.

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  6. The horses are waiting for you to give them a carrot. The others are running away because they see the gun(s).

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    • Right in the case of the horses, but wrong in the other cases. I was alone by the side of the road with only my camera, no gun, when the pheasant burst out of there. We were driving along the road when I saw the pronghorns in the field. No guns. They were just camera shy.


  7. Anneli, I like when you include photos of animals and read their minds. You caught a pretty pronghorn female and that male looked stern. I like “birds on the wing.” They show a different angle and beauty than when they are perched on a wire or branch. 🙂
    Those paint horses are pretty and waiting to see if you have an apple, I think. . .

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  8. It looked like the horses were waiting just for you. Nice photos.

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  9. We always joke that when I try to take animal pictures, they often turn around and all I get is the butt. I say I’ll include that one in my animal butt collection. I have to say, pronghorns have the most beautiful butts in the animal kingdom.

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