Goodbye Montana

Soon it will be time to leave this sunny place and head home to the wet West Coast. It will be good to get home but I’ll miss the beautiful, sparsely populated state of Montana.

The night air is getting cool enough that one day soon it may snow. It’s time to think of taking our travel trailer home again. For us, adding a month of sunshine and warmth has been a welcome extension of the fall, with almost summery conditions. When we get back to the coast it will make the winter seem not quite as long.

The signs are there, telling us it’s time to go. The white-fronted geese cackled high above us yesterday, flying along the Missouri River, eventually ending up in warmer climes … and probably we should be thinking of doing the same soon too.


Even the leaves on the tree below are wanting to blow away. See how they’re all leaning away from the wind? Like the leaves, we won’t be able to cling to this paradise much longer. It’s time for us to ride off into the sunset.


20 thoughts on “Goodbye Montana

  1. reocochran

    These signs that are telling you it is time to go are simply gorgeous ones. Nature may be giving you a “send off” like the end of a summer’s evening of fireworks! 🙂 It makes me sad, no reason but just changes for you both. ♡

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Fall is a beautiful time of year but it has a definite sadness to it as well. I love gardening and I hate to see it end. I hate seeing the harsh winter coming on for the animals, but there is a beauty to the change of seasons too.

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