Thar’s Snow in Them Thar Montana Hills

This past October 4, when we started our annual Montana trip, it seemed that the snow came early – at least, up in the hills it did. Driving toward eastern Montana, we wondered if we would be in for more snow and whether our little trailer was going to keep us warm enough. Should we maybe have brought our skis?

The stretch between Helena and Great Falls is always a beautiful drive along the Missouri River. Sometimes we’ve seen snow on the hilltops on our way home in later October, but this was the beginning of the trip and the weather was worrying the wimp in me.


The temperature was a chilly 4 degrees C. (or about  39 degrees, for those using Fahrenheit) and I tried to keep my trepidation in check. Would I enjoy this wintery trip when I had expected summer temperatures, at least in the daytime?


This herd of mule deer gawked at us as we drove by. I’m sure they were shaking their heads and thinking, “Tourists! What a time of year to come to Montana!”  But they didn’t know how much we love this state.


16 thoughts on “Thar’s Snow in Them Thar Montana Hills

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      The weather warmed up nicely for us in the daytime but it was chilly at night. Then there was that constant wind, keeping things cool for most of the time, but in many of those late afternoons I was wishing I had brought some summer clothes. It was darned hot! Crazy temperatures. You really have to be ready for anything. I’m back on the wet west coast now, but you had better start digging out the snowshoes!


  1. Luanne

    Oh my, that is cold. You would not believe what I was thinking about MOntana this morning! I was remembering my visit there and a horrendous bout of GI Distress (haha there is a way to describe what kept me tied to a toilet) I got there. It really ruined the time there for me. Sorry, but it is a coincidence that I read your post right after that memory.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      OMG! I’m so glad you didn’t have that memory AFTER reading my post. That would not be a good endorsement. I hope your next visit to Montana is much more pleasant. We’ve always had a wonderful time there.

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