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Pie in the Sky?


They say good things come in small packages, but in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and its continuation (with a slight spelling change), the Okanogan Valley of Washington, they come in large crates.

Boxes piled up to the sky,

A crane is needed just to try

To bring the top ones down.


The pickers work to fill the crates,

They laugh and joke among their mates,

But soon the job is done.DSCN4016

The driver checks the tie-down straps,

Avoiding possible mishaps,

Before he hits the road.DSCN4017

Green or gold, or maybe red,

They all taste good I’ve heard it said,

There’s just one way to know.015

So bite me!

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

16 thoughts on “Pie in the Sky?

  1. Oh, my, those are beauties!

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  2. Ha, ha! A poet with a sense of humor.


  3. No bruises on those beauties..no matter how one spells it! I had the gorgeous green apple with peanut butter on whole grain for lunch today.

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    • I am not anonymous.. I am Dawn:) What’s going on here??

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      • I don’t know what’s happening. Today WordPress has been acting weird. I had to do this post twice as it didn’t save it the first time. Frustrating! I think they’re having some problems. And just when I upgraded and paid them handsomely!! The same thing is happening to my friend Ursula. Her comments are going to my spam filter and coming through as anonymous. Maybe it will straighten itself out. I hope so anyway.


    • We put a bunch of those winter apples in the fridge before we went on our holiday and they are still great apples. Those green ones in the photo are called Wilmuta. They tell me they are a cross between Jonagold and Gravenstein, two of my favs.

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  4. If they are as good as that photo of them, they are fantastic!

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  5. You clever woman! You had me wondering about those crates and their contents! You set this up perfectly, Anneli. Even a humorous conclusion. 🙂 I love apples, soft ones like Rome, Jonathan and Winesap.

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  6. Your apples are looking yummy and beautiful

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