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While driving along a country road, we saw these mule deer and stopped to admire them. The one on the left must be Frida Kahlo’s brother, judging by the unibrow.  The other didn’t want to move lest he disturb his little beanie that was balanced between his antlers.DSCN4142

I said, “Hi. You guys look so amazing. Would you mind if I take your picture?” but they stuck their noses in the air and said, “Sorry, girl, we’ve got to run now. Make an appointment with our agent.” And this glimpse is all I got of them. Even so I had to hurry to document their departure.


We drove on a little farther and in a very short time, the sun tried the same trick on us. This was the last glimpse we had of the sun for that October day. But I heard it say, as it waved goodbye, “See you tomorrow!”


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6 thoughts on “Glimpses

  1. Lovely pictures!

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  2. Love those ears…I think they were waiting for a little song from you Anneli.

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    • Hmm…. I’ll think about that. Maybe I could have sung,
      “Oh deer, what can the matter be.
      Oh deer, what can the matter be.
      Oh deer, what can the matter be.
      Anneli’s so slow with the camera.” (So much for “Johnny’s so long at the fair.”)

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  3. Anneli, weirdly enough I wrote a comment about these mule deer. I went backwards and felt on several posts a “deja vu” effect but these mule deer were definitely one sight I felt amazed and warm feelings about. Perhaps I am hanging out in awaiting approval area or maybe my phone is not sending these messages?? Hmm. . . Just do you know, I really liked this post and while you love owls (and I do love birds) I just love deer eyes. They seem to really be ones that look into your soul, like Native Americans felt about creatures. Maybe even like India natives feel like we may be reincarnated, Anneli.

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