The Used Cow Lot

Montana has miles and miles of ideal cattle grazing country. I did a “drive-by shooting” (with my camera, of course) of these cows…do you call them cows if they’re male too? I never know what to call them. There’s probably a lot of bull here too.DSCN4485

Whatever you call them, there were a lot of them dotting the scenic Montana landscape between Helena and Garrison. As we pulled into the tiny town of Drummond to fuel up, I played tourist while the Captain topped up the gas tank. I got out to take a picture of the “Used Cow Lot” across the street from the gas station.

Notice the sign beside the building advertising “Mentzer’s Livest”? It says: Overnight fees, Cattle $3, Horses $5. Shouldn’t the price be the same for all? That’s just plain discrimination if you ask me. And what do you think goes on in that animal hotel? Mentzer’s Livest? I know the animals must go in there naked, but what are they doing in there to make this the livest show around? Your thoughts?

I’m not sure I’d want to stay there. You can see what happened to the Grim Reaper cow that didn’t get past the doorway. But with those long horns, maybe it’s bull once again.

A used car dealer renting out a cheap shack for naked customers, advertising the livest show? I bet they’re all in there sleeping together and acting like real animals.



Oh no! Wait! I’ve got it figured out. I found another photo that explains it all.



18 thoughts on “The Used Cow Lot

  1. pobept

    Not that it is important, but, a female that has never had a calf is a heifer, a female that has had a calf is a cow and a male is a bull… By the way a castrated bull is a steer.
    Grin and generally a group is called a herd of cows no matter what sex the animals may be.
    Happy Holidays

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  2. highland hind

    The collective name is cattle, my friend. Heifers – young females which have either had no calf or just one calf , bullocks – young males, cows – have had a calf. Steers – can be young males or females. Dry cow – no longer milking. Cast cow – past its best and ready to be minced. I am an agricultural journalist, you know! haha

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      1. highland hind

        Not laughing, Anneli…. oxen are kinda outwith my sphere of experience, but an ox is a cattle beast that has trained to pull work tools – a draft animal. Can be male or female, but if it’s male probably castrated because bulls aren’t easily handled or controlled! Let’s leave sheep, pigs and deer for another day….!

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