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A Man’s Gotta Eat


When the cold weather hit us about ten days ago, I hurried out to make sure my birdfeeders were full, and added some suet blocks to the menu. One of the first to enjoy a meal of suet was this Oregon junco. My sister calls them her little soldiers because of their black helmets. (I took these pictures through a window and using the zoom lens so that accounts for the graininess, but it’s the only way I could get close to the birds.)010

But a rather large dinner guest arrived. The steller’s jay muscled his way past the little soldier. He gobbled down a big dinner and then beat a hasty retreat when an even bigger diner flew in.012

This woodpecker, a red-shafted northern flicker landed right on his dinner plate. He had his black bib on and came prepared for dining. He looks quite dapper with his polka-dot shirt and a slash of red lipstick on his moustache. No, it’s not Mrs. Flicker, according to my bird book. In bird families it’s the men who get all gussied up and the women who keep a low profile. So here we have Jack Flash and his red slash, holding on for dear life to his seat at the table.


“Is it okay to start eating?” he asks. (Polite young man, isn’t he?)


Oh, maybe I spoke too soon. He’s got food all over his mouth.


“Did you say something?”


I told him he had food on his face, but he didn’t seem to care. He just stuck his face right into his plate.


“This place is a bit too picky for me. Maybe I’ll try ‘Avery’s Restaurant’ next door. They don’t stand there watching you eat, taking pictures like private investigators. I suppose they’ll mail these photos to my wife. But go ahead. See if I care. She’s out to a ladies’ lunch date at the Treehouse Diner with her girlfriends  having the Insect Borgasschmord. I’ll get whatever I can get wherever I can get it, and so what if I make a pig of myself? A man’s gotta eat.” 036

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32 thoughts on “A Man’s Gotta Eat

  1. We have our bird feeders out and filled all year round. I certainly need to take some pictures.

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  2. LOL! That flicker is spending more time watching you than eating. 🙂

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  3. I love your pictures and the birds at your place are way prettier than ours. But this winter I really want to take some pictures of “our” feeding birds too. Nice little snowflakes!

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  4. Love your gorgeous shots, I do love watching the birds in my backyard.

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  5. That’s a man for ya … if the wife isn’t there they have no etiquette. Hee, hee. Great pics.

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  6. These photos look great – hard to believe it’s through the window screen. I do the same – watching the birds eat the suet on the hanger near our bedroom window. And the woodpecker stares at me as I stare at him. He doesn’t fly away. He just stares. I wonder what he’s thinking? 🙂

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    • There was no screen but the windows probably need a washing. Aren’t birdfeeders great? We get to have a little glimpse into the lives of the birds who come to visit. Otherwise we wouldn’t see many of them up close like this.


  7. You got some very nice pictures of them! Those are three that we have here for the winter too, plus the Chickadees. I’m happy to have the Jays around: we don’t get them every year.

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  8. What’s the fuss Missy? I’m wearing my little black bib!!

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  9. Beautiful birds. You reminded me that as a kid I had a book about chickadees that I absolutely love. It was about feeding them in the winter.

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  10. You really should take a trip back home. Get away from all that cement!


  11. Lovely pictures. And story to accompany them. I must put up a bird feeder.


    • Just refilled mine today. The birds have been eating like sharks at a feeding frenzy, with all this bad weather. I think having a birdfeeder available helps many of them survive the harsh conditions. They sure go for the suet blocks too.


  12. Great pix Anneli. they’re beautiful birds. Nx

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  13. They sure are when you look at them more closely. They aren’t just boring brown birds.


  14. I am rather late yo the suet party! 🙂 Too bad this Robin missed her turn.
    I loved all of the pretty, little birds, Anneli. On my cell phone they looked clear and not at all “grainy.”
    Anneli, it was a lovely week with two children’s concerts. Micah who is 6 had his holiday concert, including fun and Hanukkah along with snow and Joy. 🙂 Marley who is 7 in a school across town, same grade one, sang similar holiday songs. Ao, worked and had two concerts and lastly, Friday night celebrated Felicia’s 30th birthday. Whew! Yesterdsy, went to see The Good Dinosaur with Micah. I had plans for more kids yo come but apparently holiday misbehavior prevented “reward” of going with Nana to movie.

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  15. I can believe that’s what he was saying! I really like the food on his beak too…

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