Carols and Calories

Something happened when the Christmas carols were turned on this morning. The cookbook came out and in a short time the kitchen looked like a bomb fell into it. I managed to get through it and clear away the disaster part of baking. Then it was time for my reward.

 You can see that the reward part is missing from the Striezel. 001

My mother used to make the best Striezel and I miss her baking,  but without her I have to do the best I can from memory. I know she used nuts and raisins and I know now that the dough was firmer. Mine kind of spread more than it rose, but that little piece that is missing from the end of the smaller loaf sure was good just the same.002

The gingersnaps are more traditional on the Captain’s side of the family, and the oatmeal raisin cookies were an afterthought only because they are our all-year-round standby.

Now please, help yourself. Would you like tea or coffee with that?

46 thoughts on “Carols and Calories

  1. Those darn Christmas carols always get me started as well. 🙂 I made some almond tarts the other day and sent them up to hubby’s work. Getting organized to start the rest of the baking and pop them into the freezer. I miss our Mother’s Striezel as well. I made it last year and coated the “braids” with a bit of almond paste to help glue it together. It was delicious, but yours certainly looks much nicer! Good job on your baking! Almost time to make the Vanille Kipferl!

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  2. Oh, it looks yummy. Anneli, have you ever heard of German coffee cakes that are flat like pizzas with fruit wedges placed around the tops like tarts? Or with cinnamon sugar topping? My paternal grandmother who was born in Budesheim (outside of Bingen) used to make those, and I can never find them online anywhere. They were a very yeasty dough.

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    • Until you said yeasty dough, I thought I knew what you meant. I was thinking of a fruit flan.I don’t know of any made with a yeast dough though. I bet it was good. German baking is really good. I think that’s the reason you seldom see skinny Germans.

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  3. May I have a slice of your Streitzel, one gingersnap and 2 oatmeal raisin cookies, please? I will drink whatever you are having, Anneli. I like both tea and coffee so whichever is offered I will accept. It all looks delicious! It is wonderful since it will be a nice visit with my friend. ♡

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      • I am dismayed that I filled in ten requisition slips at our Delaware County Library, for books to be chosen with donations from the community. I carefully wrote down the titles of your four books, Anneli. So far, only one book has been chosen. I just live on a simple budget and also, limited apartment space.

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      • My Grandma was born in Germany and made streusel, kuchen and pfefferneuse cookies. I was surprised because she didn’t enjoy speaking German. She was proud of being an American. I liked her spaetzle noodles and Weiner Schnitzel. 🙂 Your post made me miss those complicated but delicious desserts. ♡ Thank you for the warm comment of spending time together, Anneli.

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        • You are so right but so far, now that I work 9 and 10 hour days with physical labor, I will be fine nibbling. While in my 40’s I gained 45 lbs and had to get my teaching asst and others at lunch to walk, also I lifted weights. My legs were double what they are now. 😦 We all looked and felt better but mainly my doctor could see I lost my bad cholesterol #s of 260 and this kept me from taking those medications. It took 2 long years on this 5’2″ frame. My Mom(at the time really upset about my weight) even bought me a case of Slim Fast for my gift on b’day. Lol! 😀

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