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Comox Glacier



We’ve had an awful lot of rain lately. It’s almost as bad as last year at this time. I went back to the news report from Dec. 9, 2014 when the city of Courtenay had unusually high flooding in the city park next to the river. Usually it’s just flooding over the baseball diamonds and some of the kids’ play areas, but last year was bad, as you can see from this photo by Julie Nichol, with widespread flooding over the fields and roads nearby. That’s the Courtenay River on the left and Lewis Park on the right.

Courtenay flooding 2014

This year in December, it has rained a lot again, and almost to the day there was flooding in the low areas of Courtenay.

BUT! At higher elevations, all that rain came down as snow. The owners of the local ski hill on Mt. Washington must be ecstatic to have this dump of snow just in time for their official opening today.

Those of us who did not get up to the ski hill could still enjoy the results of all this higher elevation “rain turned to snow” just by looking up at the Comox Glacier. It has been losing mass year by year, but today, even though it received only a superficial coating of snow, it looks the way it did many years ago when it was still a substantial glacier.


Several legends are told about the glacier, and one that seemed plausible today says that this mountain is a “Sleeping Princess.” I can see her lying there with her head on the right side of the glacier, chin in the air. But then I took another photo and discovered that the prince may also be lying there to the right. Do you see him there? He has a fat belly.


It makes me happy to see the rain turned into snow in such a beautiful way, fit for royalty.


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31 thoughts on “Comox Glacier

  1. Is that mountain ever gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish the underneath ice (the actual glacier part) were more substantial. It has been shrinking every year, but this last snowfall (which stayed up in the hills where it belongs) makes it look the way it did many years ago.


  2. I am happy that rain can still bring you blessings, Anneli. I am thankful for your sharing this lovely Comox glacier.
    I happen to like seeing imaginary royalty in forms of nature. I see both the prince and his sleeping princess! 🙂

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  3. “Your” glacier is a beauty. I can see the princess and the prince too (he is rather ugly).

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  4. The glacier really does look beautiful now. Thanks for sharing the photo, Anneli!

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    • Hi Gina! So nice to hear from you. Yes, the glacier got a nice dump of snow just in time to look beautiful for Christmas. With all the storms we haven’t been able to see it because of the clouds, but the sun came out for a few minutes yesterday.


  5. Is that the view from your home? Breathtaking.

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  6. That mountain really looks gorgeous. But I wish with you that this snow would turn into ice and replenish the glacier.
    Have a great advent time,

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  7. Beautiful. Btw, Courtenay is home to another Kanigan (middle Bro Rich)

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  8. What a cheerful life you have there: at first a flood, then a snowfall.

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  9. I will take your word for it, Anneli!! It does look beautiful though a little, um, cold!

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  10. Here’s to your anthropomorphic glaciers.

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