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Walking Off Calories


After the usual overindulgence at Christmas, a walk was in order. Not too far from my house is a great place to stretch your legs. There’s a spit of land that reaches out into the part of the ocean that is between the mainland of BC and Vancouver Island. If you look towards the inland side of the spit, you’ll see the wharf at the Town of Comox.001

Looking back from the spit you can see where it is connected to the main part of the island. The left side of the photo below shows the mainland of British Columbia in the distance and the more open water that has washed countless logs and tree roots up onto the sandy spit. A breakwater of sorts has been built with short logs to make a fence, in the hope of keeping high surf from washing debris across the road that goes along the spit (beside the hydro poles). No surf today though.


Looking towards Comox again, the chill of the newly fallen snow brings a breeze that stings reddened ears. The sleeping prince and princess of the Comox Glacier are on this photo, but hidden behind a swath of clouds.


Doesn’t that water look chilly? That’s because it IS.

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20 thoughts on “Walking Off Calories

  1. Walking off calories is always good, especially during the Christmas season. You live at a beautiful place, makes walking easy. Lovely pictures again!

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  2. Thanks, Ursula. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pop over and go for a walk there with me?


  3. Really nice too see ‘Home’ See a new hotel on our street, is that upsizing?

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  4. Should have joined you on your walk …it has been 68 degrees here for several days and we had the warmest Christmas on record here this year… strange and wonderful

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  5. I love the water scenes, but even more those gorgeous mountains that surround you!

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  6. There are lots of walking areas high up in the hills (parks intended for hiking), and there are lots of old logging roads that seem to go on forever up in the hills.


  7. What a gorgeous area! WOW! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the views.
    Have a great Sunday,

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  8. Works both ways – like when you talk about warm weather!


  9. Anneli, I would put my hood up on my parka and start off walking quickly to warm up. Brr-r! I can just feel the chill on the air and why don’t you have your ears covered, you silly woman?! 🙂
    The view of the “spit,” the way the wood piled up, looks like a fence or a giant’s false wooden teeth, is so strangely beautiful. The mountain view is breathtakingly gorgeous!
    Hope 2016 gives you more beauty and surprises!

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  10. A beautiful walk! But, really, I should be walking right now and not sitting here. I am ballooning up as I sit here!!


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