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Promises and Hope


A few days ago after a fresh snowfall, the rising sun painted a slightly pink glow on the hills. It felt like a promise of good things to come.

Like many parts of North America, we had an extremely dry summer last year, with low water reserves and raging wildfires. A good snowpack on the hills is so important. The snow melts a bit at time over the summer, keeping our lakes and rivers at a healthy level.

The sun peeking through during a break in our usually windy and rainy weather  made me smile and I thought of so many good things in my life.013

Besides the usual, good health and a loving family, here are just a few of the things I am thankful for:

  • meeting wonderful people through my blog
  • people who read my books even if it’s just to be polite
  • people who enjoy my books
  • people who enjoy my books and write nice reviews for them on amazon
  • my two lovely dogs, Ruby and Emma
  • the clean air of the Comox Valley
  • clean, cool water that comes up from my well
  • the clean water of our lakes, rivers and oceans on the BC coast

I have to stop here because I just realized that I could write another whole book about all the things I’m so thankful for.

It has been a great year for interacting with fellow bloggers all over the world and I’m very happy to see your Likes and Comments at the end of my posts. I do try to follow back if I can. I have quite a long list of blogs I follow, and there is only so much time I can spend on getting back to each one, but I try.

This year, cancer robbed the blogging community of a wonderful lady. Barb Beacham entertained us with her short stories and photos on her blog, Life in the Foothills. I’m thankful to have met her through blogging and emails. She sent me some of her hollyhock seeds last year and when I see them growing in my garden I am reminded of her. I miss her dearly.

Dear blogging friends, enjoy every day and let the connections you make enrich your life. It is my great pleasure to have met you. I wish you a fantastic year ahead. May all your good dreams (and none of your nightmares) come true.

Happy New Year to you all!

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32 thoughts on “Promises and Hope

  1. Happy New Year to you! And that photo is amazing. I’ve seen that sort of color in the best Western painting, but I’ve never seen in in real life and possibly not even in a photo — not just like this. It’s beautiful!

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  2. That touch of pink on the hills is gorgeous! Indeed something to be thankful for!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  3. Thank you for another of your observations of the changing seasons and the life around . Now we are on the brink of 2016 and more samples of your interesting writing are being anticipated. Cheers to you and Gary.

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  4. Such a beautiful photo!

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  5. It never hurts to be reminded of all we have to be thankful for. Hollyhocks are a beautiful reminder of your friend. And thanks for sharing your lovely sunrise. Happy New Year!

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  6. True. Barb was a good person. Very kind, and always thinking about others. I’ll treasure those hollyhocks. Just hope we have a mild winter so they make it through. Happy New Year to you too!


  7. Hi Anneli,
    We, too, had a year to be thankful for. Let’s hope and pray that the next will be as good.
    I wish you a wonderful 2016, especially with the best of health,

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  8. Such a beautiful landscape. Happy New Year Anneli!

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  9. A wonderful post, a beautiful picture, a lovely lady. All the best to you in 2016, Anneli.

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  10. That’s a good start into the New Year, being thankful for all the good things which happened to us! I wish you and Gary also a very good New Year and a healthful one. I am thankful for all the very lovely blogs of yours and all the beautiful photos, especially this one!

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  11. This is a lovely post, Anneli and a precious honoring of your blogging friend. So lucky to have met you through these blogs. It’s my dream to meet my dearest blogging friends in person one day. May your 2016 and beyond be abundantly blessed.

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  12. A beautiful post, Anneli to the end of 2015. I too love your photo. May 2016 be your best year yet! 🙂

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  13. I hope you get millions of sales for your books next year, Carol. All the best to you.

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  14. This was simply beautiful photography, Anneli! 🙂 ♡♡ The pink etched mountains were gorgeous. Great looking out to find when the color was blooming on these mountains. I am sorry you lost a dear fellow blogger and know the holly hocks will be special yo you always.
    I loved your list of things you love in addition to your family. Hope you have a fantastic New Year and thank you for our friendship, Anneli. ♡

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  15. Let me join….beautiful photo. I love the pink tinge on the snow and mountain tops. I am glad that you found me or I found you. I want to be at the handshaking party! Maybe we could pick a place and time and all do a virtual handshake at least. Have a great new year.

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  16. There really is so much to be thankful for – Happy New Year!

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  17. For sure. Happy New Year to you, Meg.


  18. Thanks for the lovely blog. We just returned after spending 5 days on Sidney Island and Victoria. Good to be back.
    Wishing you all the best in 2016.

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