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Because it’s there


I value my life. I’ll never understand the rationale behind risking one’s life for the thrill of climbing a mountain. It must be an amazing experience –  when you live to tell about it.

While visiting in the Olympia area of the State of Washington, I stopped grumbling about the cold weather when I realized that with it, came new snow on the volcanic mountain that overlooks  western Washington. Mt Rainier, named after Rear Admiral Peter Rainier, a friend of Captain George Vancouver, is considered an active volcano. It hasn’t erupted in over 100 years, but there are frequent “shakes” that keep geologists on their toes.

They say that because of the enormous amount of ice in the glaciers on this mountain, in the case of an eruption, this would contribute to huge “rivers” of mud, ash, and debris flowing down to cover the valley below.

I don’t see residents leaving the area in droves, so they must think the risk is minimal, at least for now.

Not only are they not moving out of the area, but people come to the mountain for recreation. Mt. Rainier is the highest mountain in the state and is especially attractive to climbers. Unfortunately, the mountain has claimed many lives and continues to take an average of two lives a year.

So, I ask, why do people feel the need to risk their lives  climbing a mountain?

You know the answer.

“Because it’s there.”DSCN4830

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23 thoughts on “Because it’s there

  1. We refer to it as “our Mountain”…though I have never attempted even a slight climb!

    A perfect day for photos and a brisk walk around Capitol Lake.

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  2. Never ever I would climb up a mountain since I have a big problem with heights (I am not “Schwindelfrei” at all). But I loved to see the picture of this beautiful mountain.

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  3. What a wonderful post. How many of us do things “Because it’s there”?

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  4. My Grandma used (no offense to anyone) to say; “The mountain is not mad, the one that climbs it is!”
    (The saying rhymes in my language 😉 )
    Our country has some high mountains and my uncles (her sons) were mountaineers, but she never gave up on her belief.
    I like them – from afar. But I respect them too much to take them lightly. Too many deaths because people just underestimated them.

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  5. I read a long time ago that folks like that don’t feel fear the same way as the rest of us. Not sure if that’s true What is true, for the most part, is that they really study up on where they’re going and know the risks before they go. Death Valley loses a couple people every year, also. Any time you go into the wilderness it’s a good idea to get the facts first! I wouldn’t be on that mountain no matter how much I knew. 🙂

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  6. That’s a beautiful mountain! I understand “because it’s there”, but still maintain a lot of prudence when hiking on one this time of year and steer clear of the very high risk areas. THe risk versus gain equation still works.

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  7. Yes. And that photo, wow!

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  8. Stunning white mountain photo. Do you live near there, Anneli?

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  9. Beautiful photograph and this must be the reason for many dare devil attempts men and women throughout the centuries have made, Anneli. Inventions and unique places and things have been discovered though through bravery. I have to see the positive possibilities! 🙂 🙂

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  10. I’m glad I visited in summer and hiked some beautiful short trails at Mt. Rainier. My favorite park was Olympic — in particular Hurricane Hill — just stunning! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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