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The Last Hurrah


The Education Building in Olympia, Washington, looked to me like a castle where Sleeping Beauty might reside.DSCN4833

On the lawns in front of the building is a monument to a man who was twice governor of Washington. He must have been a good man. Read the inscription and see if you agree. I think he deserved to have his statue in this place of honour.


Here he is, standing proud and tall. But alas…just when you think you’ve arrived …DSCN4840

Well … some things are just beyond your control, and Mother Nature has the last hurrah.


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18 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. You are a very good photographer and very lucky too! Perfect pictures (the last one especially), made me smile.

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  2. I fully agree about the castle, Sleeping Beauty must be in there somewhere. 🙂 Poor Mr. Rogers, sounds like he was one of the good guys.

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  3. Haha. Thanks for the giggle.

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  4. Truly a castle fit for a princess; I think John would have appreciated the humor in your last photo.

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  5. What a beautiful building.

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  6. Well, he still gets a lot of respect from people!

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  7. bwhahahah… never forget where you come from because one day you may have a sea gull poop on your head…. soo funny

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  8. I love this post so much, Anneli. It has a castle, beautiful azure blue sky, and an outstanding governor who told it like it should be. Thank you so much for lifting me away from 11 degree freezing weather! Big Hugs, Robin xo

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