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Chilly Day in Olympia


In the city of Olympia, Washington, the state capitol building looks over an inlet that is so far back from the ocean, you would think it’s a freshwater lake. Beside that “lake” is a well-cared-for park and walkway. But it was chilly here last week when I visited here. With the cold snap that hit the western Washington area, you had to pick up the pace if you wanted to keep warm.014


The grasses at the water’s edge tell the story. It’s darn cold.020

I’m sure there’s a rule about not feeding the birds, but obviously people have been feeding them. Why else would birds congregate near the shore with people so close by? For that matter, isn’t that seagull getting awfully cozy with the people in this photo? I’d say they’re quite used to being fed. 


Still, I once saw a family feeding ducks in a park, and I wondered if the Cheezies the ducks consumed would shorten their life. It can’t be good for them.


The hen mallard has two drakes fussing about her. Lucky girl. These ducks are so common to the west coast I hesitated to post this very ordinary photo, but their plumage is  magnificent just now. I thought they deserved to be shown off.  Maybe I’m wrong about the Cheezies.

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25 thoughts on “Chilly Day in Olympia

  1. I don’t know why but this fall and winter the flocks of migrating ducks and geese did not stop over to feed and rest before continuing south for the coldest part of the winter.
    Happy Gardening

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  2. Lovely photos. The ducks are gorgeous.

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  3. Gorgeous shots, the capital grounds are on my “must visit” for this spring…You post is a wonderful nudge to make that happen.

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    • There’s some construction going on near the Capitol Building but the grounds and the building itself are still great to see and walk around. The citizens of Olympia have done a fine job of developing the whole area into a park that is beautiful to look at and supplies a good walking area.


  4. I’m in love with those ducks! What a brilliant photo! So re the cold: is it a dry cold or a humid cold? I really hate dry colds, but don’t mind humid colds nearly as much.

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  5. Yes, the ducks are very pretty this time of year. I’m afraid that a lot of things that people feed waterfowl are not suitable for their diets, as are things that are fed to other wildlife, hence the regulations that are largely ignored.

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  6. Are you in Olympia for awhile Anneli. Visiting Dawn? Enjoy your blogs so much and your
    photography is crisp , beautiful, and a pleasure. Hugs, xox M

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  7. My dad caught a fish with a cheezie on the hook once. 🙂 Nice pics. Have a great weekend.

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    • Most likely he was going to kill that fish and have it for supper? In the case of a duck we don’t want to kill it. But that’s good to know if I go fishing and don’t have any lures. I wonder if it was the flavour or the colour that attracted the fish. Or maybe it was both. Do I see a new business branch opening up for the Cheezies brand?

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      • My dad is strictly catch and release. I was a kid when he caught that fish, and we were on a family vacation. It’s something you don’t forget, because it was so bizarre. I think he might’ve had a new business ding in his brain, too. Heh.

        I’m not a fan of throwing birds any kind of food. They did it all over the beaches in Florida. It makes them dependent on humans for their food.

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        • So is the captain – catch and release – but I do like to eat the odd fish.I like your views on feeding birds in parks. Of course having a birdfeeder is a little bit like that, but when it’s very severe weather, I like to give the birds a chance, by having suet and birdseed at my feeding station. But I get proper bird food, not things that would fall in the Cheezies category.

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          • I suppose bird feeders are kind of like that. I like them though. They draw such a diverse, attractive array of birds. But, feeding birds out in the wild at parks, lakes and the ocean is crazy. I’ve seen countless seagulls, geese, ducks and even pelicans snatching food from the hands of humans, even when they aren’t trying to feed them. They think it’s theirs!

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      • I agree, and I bet they get fed way worse things than Cheezies.

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  8. What a beautiful picture of those mallards! We have them on our creek in front of the house. But right now the girls stay without the boys. I am feeding the little birds which stay over the winter with seeds and suet till spring comes. The mallards find enough food in the water. I can´t understand the people who feed the water fowl with cheesies, crazy! Thanks for this blog and the perfect pictures.

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  9. I really like the mallard and drakes. Your photo was charming and has a lovely friendly tone. It felt like we were together. Thank you for the pretty reflections on the water. Hugs, Robin ♡

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